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update from 31 july said that "Fixed: Disabled vehicles were not respawning" - THIS IS NOT FIXED
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Disabled vehicles are still not respawning properly.


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set a blufor chopper in the editor, set a respawn module on it with 10sec destroyed and abandoned respawn settings. Disable it (but not destroy it)through say machinegun fire. It wont respawn. Just sits there disabled.

This is true also if the vehicle has been flown around - it seems a disabled vehicle wont always respawn even if abandoned - the disabling seems to overide the abandoned respawn setting also.

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I'm afraid it's just incomplete update message. By disabled, I meant vehicles disabled using enableSimulation scripting command (

Sorry for the confusion.

no worries mate. Can the bug still be tracked though? Disabled vehicles not respawning is a major problem (my whole squad got stuck on one of the small islands last night - was a long swim!) :-) Are you already aware of that bug?

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.