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Killing a soldier reveals the exact killer's position to the rest of AI squad
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When you are killing an AI soldier your position is immediately revealed to the rest of AI's squad. This is a continuation of #8204 more focused on this issue. {F21031}


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Steps To Reproduce

Use the attached repro mission

  1. Go prone and crawl under lush bushes in front of you
  2. Set your optics zeroing to minimum (300 m), soldiers are ~270m away.
  3. Make a well aimed killshot at a soldier that is not a leader* that will take out that soldier immediately
  4. All AIs will know your position and start firing despite no human being able to spot a sniper in ghillie hiding in bushes that fast... especially when facing away when the kill happens

*leader needs to give an order to attack you otherwise nothing will happen

Additional Information

It seems that in the recent dev-branch update the changes have been made to this but they are not optimal.

If you will fire and kill a soldier from behind bushes enemy AI will not react in any reasonable way apart from going into danger mode and facing into a wrong direction. However consecutive shots (not even killshots or hits) will produce the same behavior with them instantly zeroing on your exact position

However if you will launch a repro and move a few meters sideways so bushes won't conceal you and do a killshot in the open - enemies will instantly know your position as typical for the issue. Even when facing away.

Please test this further with repro and the most recent DEV update to confirm.

Expected behavior:
It shouldn't matter to AI if you kill his mate or just fire randomly into the sky. When hearing a shot, be it a killing shot or any shot AI should turn into its approximate direction. After that AI should use nothing but its own AI eyes to find you. Of course the consecutive shots should turn that approximate direction into the exact direction eventually (+/- a few shots to add believable randomness a la human behavior) and reveal enemy's position if AI is facing the enemy but still can't find him to not make AI harmless to well hidden enemies (since even a human player will eventually spot kicked up dust from the gun fire) - the latter one of course requires some balancing to not make AI cheaty.

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Good description - great job... Unfortunately, #10143 was posted earlied :/

Cypher added a subscriber: Cypher.May 7 2016, 3:37 PM

You have my upvote, I hate that you can't make ranged or stealth kills properly because regardless of conditions they always know right where to fire, and un-realistically accurately take you down much faster than any human could detect, aim, and kill.

Grinya added a subscriber: Grinya.May 7 2016, 3:37 PM

Developers should change it. It's permanent annoying factor, reducing all stealth and sniper operations. Fight against enemy like terminators good, but not when we expect humans. Upvote.

They're simply examining the trajectory of the bullet through their dead buddy, try shooting more crooked.

mepwaygame, watch some firefight videos, especially ambushes. Most of trapped soldiers totally disoriented certain time, even when ambushed by large group. This happen when human brain under pressure of stress. Precision of AIs in Arma is still too high. They acts without any mental process and show us behaviour of cyborgs.

I can't argue with you there, Grinya.


rev. 08339, Increased error of player position, when AI is killed by player


If you kill/hit/bullet impact close to an AI unit, your position is disclosed with some error. Now the error is bigger and based on range, so it is harder for the AI to find you after one shot.

This individual calculation doesn't currently factor in my weapon type, but my visibility remains a product of that, so - if I've used, say, an enormous sniper rifle instead of an smg - the AI is more likely to spot me, when looking in the right place.

^^ those correspond to a misinterpretation of results. Check (this might justify another ticket), which shows that the detecting AI does not get the position of the killer enemy as described in this ticket. If that was the case a single killing shot would trigger the effect. But according to the related video of that post there is a 2nd shot required for the mentioned "misbehaviour", 2nd shot which can be seen by detecting AI and inform accurately of enemy position.

Imo the issue as described in this ticket is indeed solved. But i appeal for consideration of a similar issue: (currently unassigned)

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 3:37 PM

so if we spawned 2 soldiers opfor and grouped them and put a trigger with the activated by "detected by opfor" and we kill one of the soldiers will that trigger fire? because technically it shouldnt because the other AI wont know who or what killed the team mate... is this fixed?

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