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Additions to Turning out
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This isn't an issue more than it is a suggestion. When turning out in vehicles such as APCs to add more depth; adding the use of Binoculars for the player, to be able to salute. I would like to see the function of turning out be able to be an addition to the game other than aesthetics. {F21027} {F21028} {F21029}


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Afterman2113, very good ticket. perhaps you could add the suggestion for the turned out crew to duck for some extra cover. still being technically outside, but very low. some tanks have this little bulletproof glass shields to go in cover behind.

i think proper game mechanics for turned out tankers could be a substitute for the missing interiors. you are right: atm the turn out purpose is more aesthetics.

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I don't think it's really worth spending time on saluting, but using binoculars is a whole different story.

i agree. saluting is just again aesthetics and doesn't really add to gameplay or immersion. using binocular would be very cool and, as suggested before, the ability to duck for cover. still able to barely see over the hatch/shield and giving a smaller target to enemies.

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Or also use your personal weapon...anyways the binoculars are good enougth for me. Upvoted.

Also force all crewmembers apart from Commander to stay turned in on combat mode, otherwise turret will be locked forward.

Turn out as commander in the AMV-7 and you will see what I mean. Panther does not have this problem.

VBS* has had "Toggle Personal Weapons" since, well forever, and it doesn't seem to me that it should be that hard to implement here. It would make mounted operations so much more realistic -being able to keep your vehicle in a hull-down position as you glass ahead from the Weapon station, or have the need to pull out your sidearm in a jiffy.

You got my vote.


Also, please don't tie the turn in/out function to the commander. I know it's probably to prevent AI from turning out in combat, but it is annoying when playing COOP. For example, I'm a driver and I can't see well, so I want to quickly turn out to check the surroundings, but I can't because the commander is turned in.

Good idea! They should also be able to fire small arms while they're turned out, also should be affected by splash damage from H.E./fragmentation. Seems that embarked personnel are completely oblivious to splash damage.

Firing when turned out is probably hard to implement.

I think it must be related to this ticket :

The real issue is the leak of EVERYTHING in armored vehicle.
No 3D interior, a single hatch/periscope and nothing else.
Look at Steel Beast Pro PE
We have possibility from the tank cabin to use a bench of periscope and also a bench of position with the hatch
Look the video at 3:10

@AD2001: You're right in the sense that depending on what type of vehicle you're turning out of, Ballistic Shields and Remote Weapon Stations tend to/can get in the way...but it is do-able.

I would really like the ability to use binoculars when turn't out.

+1 for binoculars

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We also need an option to use a rangefinder or laser designator in addition to binoculars

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Turnout and shoot by your weapon...
This ticket need to be binded with Firing from Vehicles ticket

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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.