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Free look use mouse smoothing although set to zero
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Even when setting mouse smoothing to zero, when free looking around your character mouse smoothing will be in effect.
It seems like the setting does not apply to free look.


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  1. Set mouse smoothing to maximum. Free look around you. Note mouse smoothing effect.
  2. Set mouse smoothing to zero. Free look around you. Smoothing still noticeable.
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Same problem since Arma 1.

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Agreed. Freelook should be much much faster - after all, you can turn your head faster than you can turn your body.

duplicate of #1293?
If so, this can't be fixed according to the devs.

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"Problem is, this can't be fixed, because otherwise if zou release Alt, the head snaps back violently, causing desorientation. The current solution has been picked as a compromise."

This is absurd. It's far more disorienting to have the sluggish freelooking. After all, I know exactly when I'm releasing the ALT button and therefore am already expecting my head to snap back -- this is far, far less disorienting than having inconsistent mouse velocities.

I posted this some time ago too

It's really really annoying. Free look is much slower than just turning your entire body.


"Vespa (developer: Problem is, this can't be fixed, because otherwise if you release Alt, the head snaps back violently, causing desorientation. The current solution has been picked as a compromise."

Bullshit. That's a bad excuse for lazyness. Just make it smooth when you release alt, and not while alt is down...

Goomer added a subscriber: Goomer.May 7 2016, 3:34 PM

Looks like it's not mouse-smoothing then. Would it be too hard to just change head-behavior when the free-look-key is pressed and released?

I get the same problem with my TrackIr sometimes, when starting the game the movement is sluggish and delayed.
I have to 'ALT-TAB' out to desktop then go straight back into the game and this fixes the problem and makes it quick & responsive again.

No idea why this happens but it has become a normal procedure for me every time I play.
I haven't tried with ALT (free look) because I use TrackIr, but it sounds like the same problem, I will test it today.

I agree that this is annoying as all get-out. It really messes with me when I'm running through an area with little cover, and I try to quickly scan my surroundings as I run. With the "whatever" they have applied to freelook, it feels as bad and unresponsive as a massive fps drop. Not all of us can afford, or even necessarily want to use, Track-IR. A similar ticket was previously closed, because one of the developers deemed it "too disorienting" to have your view snap back to the center upon the freelook button depress. I can assure the developers that, for me at least, the inability to finely and precisely control my head in freelook is much more disorienting, not to mention that it needlessly hinders my ability to play the game in certain circumstances.