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choppers are bouncing
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choppers are bouncing a little bit (check ghosthawk / hummingbird / mi-8 a.s.o) on the pier when landed.
also at the "bunkers entances" in that hill at the airbase.
also on the silos.


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just land on these objects

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just saw, after a while the really jumping around and get damaged.

Also i remember bouncing on the Barracks roof in the Old outpost. Tried again and it seems mostly present when landing a Mi-48 kajman ontop, though Orca performs wierdly aswell ( spins in circles with engine off and bounce a bit less).

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in editor or multiplayer ? in MP it can be because of lag, but yet i know this "bug", engine is not much friendly with object-to-object collisions :)

Unable to reproduce. Can you please make video with this issue and upload somewhere (youtube for example) and post link to video here. Thank you.

Seems it happens only on certain terrain/surfaces. Like on the pier - chopper seems to fall through the mesh and then get reset continuously. Very easy to reproduce.

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its looks like multiplayer issue - server lags, did you tried that in editor ?

Related? #0011496

I just happen to have made a vid of this very thing a while back.

like in the video before. just land on that surface that are reported and you see bouncing choppers. it was mp, but server is on my dedi-maschine, so there is no lag.

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reacting on my last post: Confirmed, just tested it in editor. Its not MP issue, arma just doesnt like vehicle - object collisions :P :(

..its not bouncing that much, but if i speed up time it is

Yeah, I was posting in haste before and should have added some details. I was playing in the editor. It was when it was alpha though, so whatever build it was around the date the video was published will be the one.

The bouncing was exclusive to choppers with landing gear. Skids didn't have the same effect, although when I landed a Littlebird there it did kinda slide a little on occasion.

What you didn't see in the video, which I cut out to keep it short, was that the helicopter eventually backed off the edge of the pontoon so the rear wheel was hanging off. At that point it was pretty much stuck in place.

Try landing on a roof or some other object (eg. the large water storage tank at the airbase). Skid choppers really bounce there.

I also remember docks being glitch in ArmA 2. This AI always spawns partly inside the dock. Sometimes it's down to his feet, sometimes to his knees, sometimes to his bald head.

It is still happening? Please reopen if something relevant to this bug?

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