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make respawn module work in SP mode + EDITOR
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it would stop us having to save and keep exporting missions to mp to test them etc.. and also would be quite fun in SP :)

also could be quite useful when making missions if you want enemies to keep coming at you until you need to escape etc...

also make this module usable in the editor so when you press preview and kill someone they re spawn etc...


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also the vehicle respawn module in SP mode too!!!

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marker: Respawn_west
Make a notepad with in it:
respawn= "BASE";
respawndelay= 10;

Save as description. Drag that into your mission folder and you will respawn every after 10 seconds of your death on the marker you called respawn_west(for opfor call it respawn_east)

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even in singleplayer?

for example... editor/preview/die then respawn :)

and would be good if you could select which units you would like to respawn for example only "your" group and enemies etc.. all other AI die off like animals with rabbies

If you somthing for AI units aswell you could use simple vehicle respawn :P It works just fine but yhea takes a lot of time. In this case a module would be better.

yeah like sync module to people who respawn and then sync to marker maybe?

the thing i said you should do also works for ai. Atleast for me in A3 and A2 it works.

this allowdamage false; Will make you immortal. Script bunnies use this quite allot.

thanks recon

The point is respawning should not have to rely on this outdated and tedious text file process. A simple respawn option in the editor is what we have been asking for for some time. Why is this so difficult to enable? It doesn't require 1000's of lines of code and it would simplify this very important part of the game and make the game more streamlined and polished - features Bohemia stated were a priority for ARMA3.

All we need is a respawn option in the editor - allowing the level creator to set:

  1. Number of respawns allowed: slider from 0 - infinite
  2. Location of respawn: nearest base, nearest teammate, etc.
  3. Repawns apply to: friendly human, friendly AI, both.

Anyway something like that.


It's really not that difficult to make, but I believe it should probably be implemented.

the day the game requires less scripting is the day i grow into a giant spider

any news BIS :) would be a great feature so we can also play around if we are bored or what not.

plus. it would save having to keep saving and exporting to test the mission.