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VSync limits frame rate to 30
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When Vertical Synchronization is enabled, the game limits my frame rate to 30. It does not always happen and I have no idea what it depends on. Sometimes the limit is set to 60 which is correct, because it's my monitor's refresh rate and that's how it shoud work, but sometimes the limit is set to 30. Just like that - without any changes in video settings.


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Launch any showcase, custom mission or multiplayer. Pause, open Video Options tab and observe FPS counter with VSync enabled and disabled.

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That's how VSync works in every game. Your FPS will be capped at your monitors refresh rate. If your FPS drops below your refresh rate the cap will drop to half of your refresh rate.

Here's a better explanation to why this happens:

Nope. I play games for many years and that's how VSync shound NOT work. I play every single game with VSync enabled and the limit is always set to 60 even if my FPS drops. If you are right how will you explain me playing with 40FPS with VSync ON in every other game? This should be impossible, right? I don't remember to play any game in my life with 30fps limit.

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What Vsync does is waiting before another frame is rendered, so your monitor will not display half(unfinished) frames, 60FPS = HZ of your monitor becouse if your monitor is 60HZ, it cant display more than 60FPS.

30FPS "lock" can be done by gpu drivers (nvidia have this option for example).

And be happy for 30FPS, smooth gameplay is not about high fps, but about stable framerate :)

yes, there is difference between 30 and 60FPS, but that 30FPS lock is there maybe becouse of that, if you have 30-33-31-30 FPS, game will not look that smooth, as 30-30-30-30 FPS.

There should be option like in Nvidia drivers: Vsync, Vsync (half refresh rate), disabled

Thanks, but I know what VSync does :) Pherhaps you are right and the 30fps limit appears after a big fps drop, but the game should not do it without my permission. One single big drop should not lock my framerate for good. In the Video Settings there should be an option to manually set up a limit.

I have an AMD card and I don't remember the option you are talking about, but I'll look for it. Anyways the game should not force me to change anything in my driver options.

And you know what is better than stable FPS? Stable and high FPS :D I'm not used to play with less than 40, and I hope the game will be optimized. If not, well, I won't play it anymore probably... :/

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you should try DEV version, i have a lot more FPS on it. Btw i noticed something like fps "lock" too, when i cant get 40+ fps, i will test it more at home and send report :)

That's what Vsync does. With Vsync on, you're either going to get 30 FPS or less or 60 FPS. If your computer can run the game at 55 FPS with vsync off, it caps your FPS at 30, because your computer can't run it at 60. If you're getting 70 FPS with vsync off, it'll cap at 60. 30 fps is half of a 60hz refresh rate so it does the same thing for the screen tearing.

Just don't use vsync... it's not worth it. I'd much rather get 30 fps because I have my AA turned all the way up and my distance at 5000 rather than having no minor screen tearing.

EDIT: sorry I did not read the posts above, and I realize you know what vsync does... but why are you still using it then? :P

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becouse i dont like half-frames on my monitor :P

Man, maybe it caps to 30 in this game, but don't tell me it does so in other games and that's how VSync works. I don't have any 30fps cap in any other game even when my fps drops below 60, I said that before already. In Arma 3 VSync works wrong and don't tell me it works fine. Maybe first check by yourselves how it really works in other games? You seem to theoretically know what it does, but never checked by yourselves that there is no 30fps cap anywhere else. Stop convincing me to your false truth, please.
Just don't use VSync? I will not change my habits just because of this game, sorry.

It needs to be fixed. If not, I will use Radeon Pro (or other program) to apply Vsync with 60fps cap properly, but it will be a big disadvantage of A3 for me.

wUFr +1

And don't vote down just because you have never played any game with VSync on.

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I know with Nvidia cards you can force adaptive-vsync, it only enables it when you're > 60 fps.

I myself use a tool called Nvidia inspector to enforce a 60fps cap and turn vsync off. It causes too much input delay to be worth it for me personally.

Perhaps there's a similar tool for AMD cards?

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In windows there also a method of monitor refresh rate detection which could limit your refreshrate to 30fps instead of 60.
I found out that setting the resfreshrate from 59hz to 60hz while ingame improved my resfreshrate (which it should not do btw if i understand right).

This is the article which describes that:

Reborn, they could drop the 30 FPS cap - but if your FPS is lower than 60 you WILL have screen tearing and might as well not have vsync on for as long as your frames are below 60 due to how vsync works. Considering it's impossible currently to get 60 FPS on multiplayer...

wUFr added a comment.Jul 19 2013, 10:40 PM

I think this bug is Confirmed. I have same problem with Vsync

Vsync disabled - 70+-FPS
Vsync enabled - locked to 40FPS (not 60)

Just tested that in editor of DEV version

If vsync locks to 40 FPS that's a completely different bug altogether, since only 30 and 60 can fix screen tearing.

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in other games (for example EuroTruckSimulator 2) I can choose between VSync or halfVSync (60fps or 30fps), halfVSync on notebooks use less power...
If I enable VSync in Arma I get 60FPS, I don't find a way to enable halfVSync to get stable 30FPS in Arma

This also happens in the current version...

with out the vsync i get way more fps,
the other day i turned everything down to high because that's how i play it normaly.but after the update it went on ultra again. but anyways i played hours on high getting 58fps to 60 the entire time,today i started the game again
and the frames start dropping like crazy and started between 30 en 58, 48,30 again
and that's with vsync on
so switched vsync of 58,60 fps again

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Sorry everyone but there is no 30 fps or 60 fps cap in this game.

If your monitor is at 60 Hz and the game can not render that fast but faster than 30 fps you will only see 30 fps if the game is set to draw the scene whenever the monitor is ready (V-sync).

If you have experienced other vsync lock-thresholds than 30 and 60 fps then your monitor or the game OpenGL / D3D interface would have used a different refresh rate from 60 Hz. If you experienced a lock on 45 fps the the most reasonable refresh rate you were using is 90 Hz.

If your monitor supports a broad range of refresh rates 60 - 120 Hz, you can select a different one with the refresh=N; setting in your Arma3.cfg file, effectively selecting a different v-sync half lock rate if your monitor supports it.

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If you're nVidia user and don't want to go over 60fps but you don't like any vsync above for example at 30fps then you should use nVidia's adaptive vsync

If you're Radeon user there's Dynamic V-sync Control that can do the same thing.

It's better use graphic cards own vsync.

How the ticket crator experiment the vsync is how it works. There's no bug in that other than it might not easily rise back at 60fps (though you don't get that fps often in Arma)

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