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Small objects (e.g. bottles) instantly stop heavy vehicles
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I tried to create a script to simulate trashy drivers and small stuff droping off vehicles. As result the tiny bottles collide with the car and, after dissabling collision with car using (disableCollisionWith-command), still with wheels making the vehicle movement very clunky. Also the driver may die suddently.

Similar problem can be seen with parachutes and choppers, where the parachute may stop instantly the chopper.

Video: {F20732} {F20733} {F20734}


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Game Physics
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Try my example mission (seen in the video).

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Is it possible to detect tires and disable collision for those with the disableCollisionWith-command?

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simulate trashy drivers and small stuff droping off vehicles

This is why I love this game and the modding community. You can do even small stuff like this.


Taking tripping over a ladybug to a whole new level. /upvoted.

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Re-uploaded the example mission with one typo fixed that caused error-message in the new dev-version.

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As small extra note, I noticed that vehicles go through the small blue containers and metal barrels or stop instantly without the containers/barrels moving. At the same time, you can shoot the containers to fell over. Would be cool if those containers would have PhysX-physics too. Would make them burst trash too when hit by vehicle. ;)

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Physics are working good now, thank you:

Updated also the sample mission (removed vectorUP-loop since PhysX takes care of the whole journey now).

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