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[DEV] Wrong Ifrit door names when opened.
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The 2 middle doors and the left front door's name is wrong when in open state.

Right front door gets named left front door.
Left middle door gets named left front door.
Right middle door gets named right front door.

There's no issues with rear or left front door.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. place down a Ifrit with yourself as driver
  2. Press Preview
  3. Open right door
  4. Observe as it is now called left door (so when left door open, there's 2 options to close left door, even though one of them is the right door)
  5. Also check the left and right middle doors
Additional Information

UPDATE: apperently the left and right middle doors, is called front door when opened.
I've changed title to "Wrong Ifrit door names when opened" since we now got 3 cases.

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placed motorized troop, made waypoint load in, so when a soldier is geting in to ifrit, the door is opening at opposite side. So the soldier, gets through locked door.

All fine at geting out the vehicle, all doors opening as should.

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@NeuroFunker - Yeah, get that too. But that's not what is ticket is about ;)
May or may not be related to it though.

Wait you can open the doors? That is new il check it out when i get back from work. Also i think bis should automate the opening upon entering a vehicle.

runekn added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 1:28 PM

@Raoul1234 - What do you mean by automate it? They already do that, just like helicopters.

Wat? My doors dont open!? my character just makes the animation thats all.

only in dev branch ;)

Orly so digital Deluxe does not have that feature... What the hell is Bis doing? Are they trying to look like EA?

runekn added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 1:58 PM

@Raoul1234 no no, you can also just activate dev branch. There's a sticky thread on forums about it.

lol.. link meh :P

O wat screw that i can wait untill full release or beta update for thoes animations.. Im not gona risk an unstable game while its already unstable and my system isnt really that stable aswell.

Thats why it is in dev branch - for testing something that wasn't implemented before by devs.

My two cents: it would be better if doors would stay open until all of the soldiers in cargo left the vehicle.

True dat i just got a update for arma 3 its 0.71 or somthing. Its quite stupid that the doors open and close for each unit that has to exit.

I also have an issue where there is no option to close the back left door.

Scroll down ferder.. I tought i had the same seems like that tiny ass action is hidden almost at the bototm of the action menu.

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Openable doors are being temporarily removed (until post-release).

Closing, since this is no longer relevant.