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FLIR WH will pick up muzzle flash from autocannon
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Playing as the Blackfoot, the FLIR (with White set as hot) will pick up the flashes from the barrel. Essentially, this produces a full white screen blinking in and out every time a bullet is fired. This effectively blinds the gunner, can produce headaches and eye strain, and in worst-case scenarios could produce seizures as the effect will generally catch people off guard, fills up one's entire field of focus and is a very fast strobing pattern. Keep in mind, this is with the dev build of Beta. {F20505} {F20506} {F20507} {F20508} {F20509}


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Play Dev Build Beta. Go to editor. Have player as Blackfoot gunner. Right click into "full cam" mode, and switch camera filters to FLIR (white Hot). Fire the weapon, and try not to blind yourself.

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This can be hazardous to reproduce, please go about at your own risk.

EDIT: It's hard for me to reproduce the severity/frequency of the flashes, but I included some screencaps to illustrate what exactly is going on.

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Just tried it, oh god that IS horrible. I have never experienced epilepsy but the constant flashing sure did become an eye strain.. I think part of the problem is camera position, it should be coming from the nose, never the actual gun..partly for this reason. even 3 confirms this.

Here is a video of it in motion, for safety reasons the video is unlisted.

I'm not suffering from epilepsy myself, regardless of that I still think this is extremely annoying and should be fixed.

I think it's fixed, can you confirm?

i flew yesterday and its still there

First of true muzzle flash is horrible.
Secondly why are you saying its a thread for epileptics? Not that it not is but don't you think its kinda oftopic when on a game like arma? or anny FPS?

I cant think of 1 vehicle weapon that isn't a risk to epileptics or anyone if I'm honest, they all have the most insane muzzle flash. Its sexy lighting but maybe the player should be shielded from it so its not lost to other players looking at them.

^ this is so sad.... Guys this is a war game if an epileptic is playing it they clearly must know they are doing it at a high risk

Well lets not turn this into somthing negative. The muzzle flash is horrible to bright. But yes Using danger for epileptic for your issue is just playing stupid. Since epileptic people should be aware of the high risk of playing games like these.

There are varying states of epilepsy. Some folks trigger more from sounds than vision. For some it takes a very strong pattern to trigger, while others may not take much.

Some folks can and do play videogames because of this, but it is recommended that they don't. That being said, I wasn't aware/prepared for the screen-filling strobelight effect, and while I myself am not an epileptic, I do know that exposure to something as strong as what is shown above will cause some people real problems.

Well i didnt knew there where different stages of epilepsy i apologize if i've offended annyone. But as you said the flashes are extreem. I almost had a spasm for it today. Its not only annoying but it could lead to easy headache's. He should change tittle from epilepsy to generaly health issue.


No worries, I don't expect everyone to be well versed in every single subject.

That being said, you are correct and I should change it to a general health issue.

Not only is it a health issue, but one literally can't see a damn thing with it. It whites out the *entire* field of vision when the flash occurs.

I think all guns in the arma series have been lined up with the gun, so that they don't have to use another axis and for accuracy sake..however none were pushed so far back like this.

This ties in with this ticket:

tl;dr: all Optical views on the helicopters are wrongly placed (inside the gun barrels) and optical systems are not even physically modelled in some cases, or non-functional in others.


Not sure if you are implying mine is a copy or not. That being said, your ticket does better illustrate the problem at hand.

His ticket was made after yours, he's just saying that it relates to the position of the camera.

I just tried it again and the problem is, I cannot reproduce this behavior currently - no matter what zoom level, no matter where I look.

I still can, it's exactly the same as the video I posted.

Currently running the latest dev build...and could someone PLEASE move the in RTT camera point forward so that you don't actually see the gun? When the gun gets hot it destroys the thermal contrast in some situations, and for the pilot it makes the screen near pointless to have.

On that note having the same screen used in the pilots seat as is used in the gunner for RTT would be would give a much better FOV not to mention the radar screen doesn't do anything, it would be far better served with the larger FOV.

Need more info? What more is there u need to know. The camera locations are just porely made. The camera is mounted in the gun. DUring night time you will se bright flashes not to mention if you use FLR.

Sorry, I can see it now. Last time I tried it I didn't see that...

Oddly enough the PIP camera for the gunner has been moved (thank goodness) however the camera position in optics mode remains the same, so the flash remains.

if someone has epilepsy you would definitely have a sezure. I was using it the other day and it bothered me.

Still here...

This issue has been fixed in the latest dev build, thank you devs.

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Faster again ;)

Thank you!

Mass close.