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Shouldn't hold breath while zooming binocs, non-zoom sights
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If you're using a plain red dot or reflex sight, and you zoom the frame, your character starts holding his breath, which is not required imo, since this isn't a zoom scope where this is required.

Same goes for zooming binoculars, zooming and holding breath shouldn't operate simultaneously with the same button, if at all you need to hold your breath.


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Zoom with binocs, non-zoom optics.

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Binocs should zoom with the tap of the right mouse button, and hold breath with a long hold of the RMB.

Or, have an adjustable zoom with LMB+scroll wheel.

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SuicideKing I wrote you on the other post the same thing.
You seem not to agree, but take it from an ex infantry soldier
when I tell you, you are dead wrong on not holding breath with
non zoom sights.

Remove the not breathing while moving, sure I get that.
But it is common place to hold breath also with non zoom sights
like iron sights and red dot and whatnot.

BTW, with binuculars it can be also usfull to hold breath


Yeah but for both wouldn't you at least separate the hold breath and zoom function? Since zoom with sights is simply to get a better view (like zoom when not looking down the sights).

Haven't seen the other post of yours, yet.

If you want, will change the wording.

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Although I post the tickit of not breathing while moving, I still know that in key settings,hold breath and zoom is already separated since ArmA1,Just I don't have any more key to setup
I mean hold breath while moving is totally unnecessary,but when been static, it's useful,and save keymapping.
In America Army 3 and RO2,LShift is use for sprint while moving or hold breath while static(With slightly Zoom in),but it can't be setted right now in ArmA.

Yeah even CoD/BF use LShift.

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The hold breath and zoom in is already seperated but that is not the problem
like CXN2615 tickets suggets.

I will try to explain it more clearly.

Sure I can map those two functions to two different keys,
but unlike COD or BF, ARMA have many more buttons that are already
occuping most of my keyboard, and I would like to streamline the
controls as much as possible.

If I will have only hold breath to Sec. mouse button
I will need to use some other key to zoom which is not convinient since most
of my keys around my movment kyes (i use the arrow keys) alreay have other functions mapped.

If I will use Sec. mouse button only to zoom I will need to map
hold breath to some other key which will also be not convinient from the same reason.

The solution is very easy. hold breath should be activated only while looking through
sights (any sights for that matter) and only while standing still.

It should NOT activate while moving and looking through sights
It should NOT activate while standing and NOT looking through sights

ONLY while looking through sights/Bino while standing still!

This solution will not harm any other player (to all the people who downvoated CXN2615 ticket)
in fact it will do them only good also.

That is why I think this ticket is not important/I downvoted it.
since CXN2615 ticket already have a solution, people just need to upvoate it.

Sorry SuicideKing.

I understand your reasoning, however my problem is that when i want to zoom in to iron/red-dot/reflex sights, to get a better view, i don't necessarily want to hold my breath, standing or not.

And my character keeps making gasping noises.

And well, you could map hold breath to shift while looking down the sights, since you won't be sprinting anyway while doing so.


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" however my problem is that when i want to zoom in to iron/red-dot/reflex sights, to get a better view, i don't necessarily want to hold my breath, standing or not."

Simply double tap KeypadPlus. That will lock you to zoomed in, non-holding breath, mode.

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Have you guys had a look at this, I largely use what Dsylecxi uses but of course changed some keys to better suit how I play. This keeps the zoom and hold breath keys separate.

Thanks you two...

@kylania: Will that retain holding breath when i hold RMB for scopes like ACOG or a sniper?

Except Dyslecxi's thing i'll have to read properly, because i use X for prone...isn't W+X the same as V?
Z i had bound to combat pace, but since i use a fifth mouse button for that i may use it for zoom. Had it for scoping in Halo CE so it shouldn't be too weird to adjust.

I use America's Army controls mainly for FPS games, except Halo is a bit a different. But side effect is that AA doesn't have "hold breath" , and other ones use LShift for it.

Ok, double + wasn't a solution, too slow for combat.

I've just remapped hold breath to Z for now. Did work with LShift, just that it was conflicting with movement.

Is there any way to set Hold Sec. Mouse button + LShift? If there is, that'll solve it for me, really.

And i realise that this didn't require a ticket, probably.

Might change the topic to "allow Hold button+ combo key press" if there isn't a way already, and no, pressing them simultaneously doesn't do it.

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Related to #11048

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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.