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Helicopter Door Gunner Animations
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The gunners on the new Ghosthawk don't have an animation when they move the turret. It would be nice to get an animation for it.


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I agree. ARMA 1 and ARMA 2 mods had this feature.

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What were those mods? I always disliked the standard ArmA 2 gunners motionlessly sitting in their seat looking like they're holding a gamepad. My guess is that they left out stationary weapons where ever possible, because those animations would be difficult to make.

This was promised as a feature in-game. If they lack it, it would be lying to us all about features they promised they would have.

I would love this feature as well.

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And the gunners are still using the mind controlling systems. Shame BIS.

And you cant freelook, thats also horrible!

Since BI has done fluent animations with bipods, surely this wouldn't be such a big task!