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Some problems with the parachute
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If you put a soldier in your squad falling from the sky with you and with the parachute on the back, the soldier will always be close to you (he will not if isn't in your squad), even if you put him away from you, and, if you don't fly away from him before opening the parachute or open the parachute before him, he will die opening his parachute and the parachute will continue alone with the body some meters from it. (If i look at the dead body trough the scope I cannot see him)
Also, the cpu soldier doesn't display the halo animation but will stand like he is on the ground, i tried to force him to display the halo animation without results, and if you tell him to move to a position when he touch the ground he will be stucked in the parachute.
{F20288} {F20289} {F20290}


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Put some soldier in the editor flying at 1000 meters and add this code for the parachute: this addBackpack "B_Parachute";

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I'm playing the beta using the Dev version, the version is the 0.71

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Tested, in the 8/07 dev build

can confirm default AI placement, with only the parachute being added, and the height changed will create the effect seen here

problem seems to be with the "in formation" setting, when its set to "none" the parachute opening dosn't kill the AI.

BUT once the AI hits the ground, the parachute dosn't close, and they drift around on the ground

Lol could you ad a mission to this post? Mine ai wont even open they're parashutes. Not the less i have to switch between them to grab the shutes since THis addweapon "bis_parashute"; doesnt work. So yhea a mission would be apreciated so i can also test it out. BTW just an extra if you place some AI at hight 100 they wont go into free fall mode they just stay in they're normal combat stance till they hit the ground(as shown in the picutre). Does this have annything to do with the current beta built 0.71?

There is a way to get everyone out of parachutes. Don't be the leader. If you aren't the leader everyone gets out of parachute. If you are the leader you can team switch for a split second and switch back. AI won't disembark when you order them to but AI as leader says disembark and they do. odd.
Also when AI is in the air it's no different than on the ground. They move into formation whether in the air, on a chute or land.

Also how do you start them in the air? When I do it they always fall correctly, as opposed to standing up. I use: this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, 200];

Getpos this bla bla is kinda outdated. People use this to get people on the carrier in utes :P. Annyhow if you look leftbottom next to azimute it says somthing like hight. By default its set to 0 you can change this to what ever you want. Note that if you spawn new units they will spawn with the last configured height. I found this out the hard wayt whn half the base spawning floating 100M in the air and vehicles and AI fell down exploding and dying on impact.

Confirm - this occurs with
{_x setposATL [getposATL _x select 0, getposATL _x select 1, 1000];} forEach units group player;
and in a helicopter cargo position:
{_x action ["eject", vehicle _x]} forEach units group player;
So 'throw' AI in the air and ejecting AI doesn't work. AI doesn't have HALO an nimation. They are separate from the parachute and AI dies upon landing.

To equip a backpack it's:
this addBackpack "B_Parachute";

AHh okey thanks m8 but the Addbackpack thingy. ALso yes Get pos and X action Eject has been know to cause this issue. You tell them to get the hell out and it will litiraly TP them in the air. For some reason it does not automaticaly tell them that IF higher then alt 200 Playaction "freefall" or somthing. that also counts for Get pos set pos. You just spawn a unit and place him high. Gravity wil take over but logic doesnt.

Note if you are the SQL and everyone has a shute and your flying in the air if you hit ~ to select all and then hit 6 some functions will pop up aswell for EJECT simply commanding everyone to eject.

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Issue still alive in actual release

Added some dupes with probably better repro steps and descriptions, also another related ticket.

this is essentially fixed in dev build 1.11,

except for the occasional AI mid-air death shortly after chute deployed - they just die and go limp for the rest of the ride. (just to clarify, this didn't happen with paratrooper units, only a regular solder with a parachute on his back).


the unit-standing animation has also been fixed

Should be fixed in current version of the dev branch.

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