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Weapons Optics Reflection
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Please Devs try to reduce reflection in optics not only sun but also the environment, currently optics looks like the chinese clones that i use in airsoft, the real ones uses anti-reflection coating:


Real One: {F20234} {F20235} {F20236}


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True. In real-life, these kinds of optics are designed to minimize reflections from light sources.

Well nothing hard to fix - just change some parameters in the glass rvmat

I raised a similar issue previously that was similar to this (bringing up that it can happen at night with no actual light source pointing in your direction from behind) and it was closed as a duplicate. I've never been able to find the original issue (although I have found similar ones). So it's safe to say this is a known issue at least.

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Related to #9919

Just read the PDF at

Now I think, making reflections in game, just to show that devs can (!) make reflections, is not really a good idea. Indeed it's true what Laqueesha said:
"In real-life, these kinds of optics are designed to minimize reflections from light sources."


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Realistic or not, the biggest problem is that it looks ugly (because of the polygons merging into sigle vertex in the center), so i voted up.

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Its not technically reflection but a specular highlight and its VERY annoying and unrealistic. It would only happen with a light source behind your head so your head would block the light anyway.