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Add a waypoint type in the editor to leave a group
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We have a waypoint type join/join and lead but there is no way how the units which joined the group can leave it. The script command grpNull is not working. {F20131}


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This can be easily done with script commands:

[unitName] join grpNull

I cannot reproduce any problem with the grpNull command.

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I have 4 helos each of them transporting a group of soldiers. The helos join a group at the first waypoint type join/join and lead. How I disband the group of 4 helos at the release point so they go each to separate landing zone do unload the soldiers? Tha mission sqm is attached. Even the guys in formus could not help. Moreover. If we have a waypoint join/join and lead. Why there is no leave group? The same as you have for load and unload cargo.

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upvoted there needs to be less scripting capabilities in arma 3 - arma 2 was basically script everything

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