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Disable TrackIR in optics
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I have TrackIr and its quite sensitive. Is it possible to lock my view while aming. Otherwite in the new 3d Scope and the slightest move of my head causes me to look away from the scope.


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I will add my support to this. It's now almost impossible for me to use the zoomed scopes because any *slight* movement of my head throws it all off.

the 3D scopes are great, but I'd rather much prefer them to have my head locked into place. If I wanted to look around, I'd stop looking through the scope.

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It should only be locked when using a magnified optic.

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make a dead zone in your Trackir profile.

It doesn't work like that.

UpMerge, I would but my trackir is custom profile which worked very well. Giving a dead zone will throw it off.

You can assign a key in your trackir software to pause the tracking. I think its F9 by default.

You can assign a key in your trackir software to pause the tracking. I think its F9 by default.

I'd recommend using this. Pausing TIR recenters your view and works fine for this purpose.


  • TIR is already disabled in "full screen" optics (vehicle turrets, special and sniper optics)
  • TIR head motions is desired in non-magnifying 3D optics (collimators, ironsights,...), but not in magnifying ones (ACOG). However the technology is the same. With the current optics implementation it would mean either disable the TIR in optics completely or not at all (as it is now)

Given only the choice of lesser evil - don't you think the latter is better, even though it causes some issues with the magnifying optics (exploitation, sensitivity)?

It would be better to disable TIR in optics completely - if you want to look around then just exit the iron sight/optic mode

Totally agree. TIR should be disabled while looking with scope. Otherwise when you use RCO or MRCO scopes, you may look around with x4 zoom without looking through scope.

Also it makes so hard to aim with TIR enabled.

I know I'm bringing this back but it would help so much!

It would not be difficult at all to add a toggle for this feature so those that need it can do it.

Having to press an additional key every time one looks through a 3d scope to toggle this is an inconvenience at best and breaks immersion, impacts combat effectiveness and serves to lower the value and attractiveness of head tracking solutions for this purpose - which will become that much more relevant with upcoming VR headsets.

What I rather see is the ability to turn the top half of your body with trackIR on 2D scopes.

@oukej - is this a dead issue, or something that is still being considered for inclusion? (Or maybe you're about to mark this closed because it's coming out in the next update? ;) )