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Strider - retractable sensor head
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In reality the sensor head of the Fennek (Strider) is retractable (watch 5:25:
This makes reconnaissance far more easy as you can drive behind trees, a small hill or any other kind of cover and still scan the area with the extended sensor head.

Integrating this feature would be nice as it makes the "boring" reconnaisance work more interesting and powerful and potentially leads to more and better teamplay.


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The SDV has a retractable sensorhead/periscope as well which also works ingame, it's a pitty that the Strider doesn't have something like that (yet).

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I agree, it would introduce a new way of recon. (Hiding in a forest and using the periscope-sensor to detect enemies)

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

Agreed, a great feature request I'd love to see. As someone mentioned the SDV has a periscope so surely it might not be too difficult to transfer that idea to the Strider.

arziben added a subscriber: arziben.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

well, it's not "retractable" it's mobile as a periscope, retractable would mean it can hide into the vehicle, but yes, would be a nice feature

@ arziben
English isnt my first language so i dont know whats the correct term but it can actually hide in the vehicle.
Watch (6:44):

oh my bad then :)

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I was hoping for the sensor mast to be usable when I saw the Strider for the first time, since the Fennek is an awesome recon vehicle. It's a bit sad to see it was degraded to a simple MRAP.

IRL the sensor can extend 1.5 m, that's 3.3 m above ground.

Please add a bit of functionality to this vehicle, since it seems to fulfill multiple roles in the green army. (MRAP, APC, etc. ?)

Would definetly make the vehicle even more versitile and add to the gameplay. Loving the idea realy.

I was very disappointed when I entered the Strider and found out that one of it's real life key features is missing.

Right now it is just another armoured car, adding the telescopic sensor head enables it to do what it was actually designed for: providing overwatch security and supporting other troops.

Edit: the video from above, with english subtitles

+1 wold be great to have that

btw, in the armed versions of the strider the commander's field of view is limited by the weapon to his right. elevating the sensor would solve that issue.

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Upvoted, we definitely need to have this.

Maynard added a subscriber: Maynard.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

Well there are already retractable undercarriages on helicopters, and functional doors on the sub, and in ArmA 2, there was a SCUD launcher that had to erect the missile prior to firing. With this positive track record, I don't think it would be particularly difficult to implement, the only issue I could see would be how they move the camera with the physical model. Upvoted.

The camera point on the SDV moves with the physical model when you set periscope down.

Thanks for checking, I didn't think of that :)

Nice ticket, something I'd love to see in game.

I just wanted to open this ticket myself :D Just saw that video, really informative, I love good recon vehicles!

If you look at the strider ingame you even see that it's supposed to be movable

Yep, it would be enough the raise and lower it via action menu i think.

Please add this feature, would be a very good recon armed car.

Resolved in version 1.40