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[Feature Request] attachedTo command to return attached status of vehicle
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My feature request is to introduce new scripting command that will return current attached state of specified vehicle. Suggested syntax

attachedTo <vehicle>

Command should return following data:
[TObject, Offset, MemPoint, Dir, VectorDir, VectorUp]

TObject, Offset, MemPoint are values that you provide with attachTo command
Additionally I suggest to return direction, vector dir and vector up values relative to which supplied object is attached to. Currently vectorUp, vectorDir and getDir commands return values relative to the world while when you use setVectorUp, setVectorDir and setDir commands they rotate object relative to object, not the world.

If object is not attached to anything, then it should return empty array


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This is a good suggestion. I have a similar request for an an enhanced attachTo command #0008488 that would compliment this.