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[Feature Request] Introduce disableChannelsVON[]={} by analogy with disableChannels[]={} to disable VON only
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My suggestion is to introduce disableChannelsVON[]={} setting in description.ext by analogy with disableChannels[]={} to disable VON only. This feature will be extremely useful for public servers that host missions with multiple sides. People usually abuse global chat or use it to talk with one person while entire server hears them. Many and many servers at the moment have a rule which doesn't let players speak in global but of course if admins aren't online people will still abuse it harassing the entire server.


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Suggestion how it should inform player that speaking in certain channel is not allowed (and it should not transmit voice over network):

Original dev-heaven ticket:

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imho this should have been an original consideration, after A2 and all :)

direct voice and thats it. no chat ;D

It's a shame that this option was never implemented in A2 and has not been implemented into Arma3 by default.
This issue is now 2 Years old and still no change, I'm a bit disappointed by BIS for not addressing this, and also by the community for only 20 upvotes so far...

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You can sort of have this functionality with new chat scripting commands, simply check if player speaks in wrong channel and redirect them to direct.

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Open the map in the game, players choose, I choose the name of someone I do not want to hear, click "silence"

Agree, this is a really important feature

This is not a valid option.
If You're flying or in a fight on a 60+ player server you don't have the time to go trough the whole player list.
Also 59 people should not have to do this, only because one ignorant kid is screaming in side/global.
And turning VON volume down to 0 is also not an option, because you may still want to hear your team/squad mates talking.

Very interesting, did not know about some new chat related commands and TBH also can't find any related commands in the official WIKI:
So do I get You right, we don't have to work with findDisplay and displayCtrl anymore to detect the active channel?
Any hint on how to detect if someone is speaking (besides the already known way using findDisplay) and also about how to "redirect" him to a specific channel?

I know this is the issue/feedback tracker and not the scripting forum, so forgive me when I ask some questions here.

Thank You very much for the fast response SaMatra!

if(getPlayerChannel player == 0) then {

		setCurrentChannel 5;


do this each frame and all attempt to talk in global will be redirected to direct channel

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@KiloSwiss. Yes, sometimes there is a wish to switch off all.

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@SaMatra: Why to have a function that needs to be called each frame if we could have a simple entry in the description.ext that alread disabled VON in certain channels as descripted above.

Think about performane, every little little little call of something needs resources.

Anyone interested in a solution, feel free to check out this little script:
Official Release thread in the BIS forums:

It blocks voice in individual channels, without deactivating them (so players can still write in those channels) and it gives Admins access to voice in global/side, where players are not allowed to speak.

I know that this is not a Forum and not the appropriate place to post scripts.
I wrote this script over night after SaMatra pointed me to the new commands and since the people that are mostly interested in a solution, are already here, I thought I would share it with you guys first.

I still think, it should be an available hardcoded function, instead of a bulky/ugly and scripted workaround.


Umm, What? SaMatra is the one who created this ticket(hence the blue background). He is only sharing a work around until the feature he requested is added. I think he knows enough about performance. He is the developer of quite a few popular multiplayer game modes. He created King of the Hill and has Been working on his own version of Wasteland since tonic stopped working on it.

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@Benargee, I know him and his work. I just wanted to make sure that the script isnt the solution of this ticket.

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Good Idea...

He would have closed the ticket or marked as resolved if he thought it was solved.

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