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Mumble's LINK support in engine
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To achieve native support for MUMBLE's LINK there is need to add small code blocks into Arma 3 source :

(init code block plus there is portion for updating player position in meters inside 3D world each frame - for positional audio)

additionally these code portions may be inert until activated by setting entry:
e.g. in Arma3.CFG and Arma3server.CFG (MumbleLink=0/1; where 1 true).

Mumble Link is public domain open-source & documented, it can be utilized by even plugin written for e.g. TeamSpeak 3

Voice communication tools like ACRE can utilize this to improve theirs functionality

In nutshell: the Mumble's LINK is universal information export interface ... which can be used even by TS3's plugins ... like ACRE ...


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Absolutely, if it could help ACRE!

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Marking as reviewed.

There's a custom version of Mumble for the Project Reality mod for BF2 and one cool thing about that is you don't have to connect to the right server, then manually select channels as you do with TS3/ACRE, you just connect and when you join a server and then a squad it automatically puts you in the right channel with your squadmates.

If something like this could be done in ArmA3, preferably without even needing an external app like PR Mumble, that would be amazing and I think would greatly encourage and simplify the use of comms.

Dwarden added a subscriber: Dwarden.May 7 2016, 2:36 PM

this is more than just full Mumble support, it's way more ...
read please the Mumble link

OK but the link mostly refers to positional audio features and I'm saying that if the automatic server/channel feature used in PR Mumble could be implemented as well, that would be cool.

big f*n bump!

and im surprised 5 people voted down, but didn't explain why.
...and probably couldn't.

typical example of 'rushed behaviour w/o thinking' ^
user posts "TS3 RULEZ! "
which feels like spamming tracker and negative vote ...
can't even read , that the Mumble's LINK is universal information export interface ...
which can be used even by TS3's plugins ... like ACRE ...

i'm not going to lie, its almost a little painful knowing just how small the blip of code is to implement this...and its just sitting there, all 'haayy, damn i look good, why yoou no use mee?', ready to go. Dwarden, you're a developer, can't you just sneak it in there when nobody is looking ? I'll throw down a $20, anybody else match me ?


its barely 112 lines!! gahhh
(morning venting, sorry)

i'm not allowed anywhere close of the code ...
because all of sudden it would be full of these small blips of code :)
and gazillion of new bugs ;)

now seriously, it's all about priorities

i really just want to see it 'Assigned', even if it just sits that way for a few months :)

i vote down because ACRE will do the job

You vote down because a single mod will do it? What if people want it in vanilla or another mod?

please stop down-voting stuff if you fail to understand about what you vote

also ACRE developers would welcome the LINK support too
because it's documented UNIVERSAL data relay

i do wonder DO you even bother read last 2 lines in original post?

Yes, i have. but how long has been acre around? a little bit after ACE 2 relase? before Op. Arrowhead? and yet BIS still uses the same VOIP ever since OFP.

i will just support at 100% a voice comm. mod/program/tool when they also take into account the direction of the voice (where is my mouth when speaking, incluiding speaking when looking up or down), materials in wich sound waves go thru, materials that increase Eco, incluiding world in general.

sigh, do you even know what Mumble LINK is ?
it's not voice com. mod ...
it's positional data and additional info export solution

something what ACRE is missing so your

i vote down because ACRE will do the job

is total nonsense ...

in that case i admit my mistake, i am sorry for it and now that i see what Mumble LINK is i will agree with this ticket and upvote it.

Would mumble link allow for things like YouTube videos to played on in game screens? Would it allow for real life free online radio stations to be listened to in game with a script?

i think there has been yet to appear a game in wich you cant use free online radio stations ever since GTA SA (more or less).

i find myself unable to link both topics anyway.

And there are addons that already let you use YT videos on the Ipod (or iphone) from ArmA 2 PMC DLC (there was a ShackTac video in wich everyone was forced to see

I know addons can do these things, but I was wondering whether or not mumble link could allow us to script such features in without an addon.

Edit: I think you may have the wrong link.

Sorry, my lack of experience cant answer your question.

And no, literally i saw a shacktac session in wich that video just poped out on the lower right corner when everyone was fighting.

Funny as hell.


it provides positional data for youtube.

please read threads fully, dwarden has reiterated this information multiple times here

edit - i guess you could technically write your own mumble link plugin that could pipe a radio station through your local speakers when you're in a certain geographic position....although it would just make more sense to write a dll that plays a station when requested through callExtension

What about making your own mix and make it a "radio station" in-game?

@Dr_Death - you certainly can, but it is still irrelevant to MumbleLink, which handles no audio at all. (or video, to reiterate, which seems to be necessary here...)

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This has been open for over a year now, how about an update on the progress.

LynXIII added a subscriber: LynXIII.May 7 2016, 2:36 PM
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If really needed developers like the IDISystems guys could implement that in an extension if they really wanted to... Like the old JayArma2Lib also did for its stuff.

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related to #0026298

Bump, I would really love that in Arma 3.