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One type of tree in the storm wrongly portrayed
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In a strong wind one type of tree is not true given point of rotation or the depth of planting a tree, resulting in a climb of the root of the tree on the ground.
There is always, for this type of tree. The problem is perfectly visible on the video:

Also here is visible reason why the trees in the storm look flat (already reported) - on a real tree branches mainly rock and foliage. In arma3 to simulate tilt distorts the whole tree, the trunk and the crown of the tree to become thinner, which is very much evident. {F19881} {F19882} {F19883} {F19884}


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Set max speed for a wind, search tree in a forest.

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If you’re going to set a ridiculous wind speed using “setWind” parameter, thats NOT a bug, IF you set the wind by the weather controls to their maximum factor of “1” (100 in the editor GUI) you won’t get this, likewise with smaller settings with “setWind”

100 in the GUI for the wind = 1 in the mission file, which is NOT that same as “100” being used with “setWind”, I believe M/sec are used for “setWind”, thus 100 in that parameter is 100m/sec which is 360kph/223mph, using “setWind” with ~ 7.1 equates to about 100 in the mission editor GUI and about “1” in the actual mission file. (using observation of distance travel by smoke from smoke grenades to the point where smoke disappears and other things)

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You dont saw video, but start write something (i check youtube counter)...
In video setWind [10,10, true], as we can see at example:

But you dont see original problem - root of the tree creeping over ground.

Look at dark tree with white marks in center, and two more not far.
Thats very funny for alpha, and stupid for upcoming beta...

I did see the video before posting, and you have NOT used “setWind [10, 10, true]” you have used much closer to “setWind [100, 100, true]” or some permutation using “100” in either the X or Y direction.

As the only way I can replicate it, is with “setWind [0, 100, true]” giving a wind traveling in a North direction relative to the trees bending.

The only other way is you have used multiple wind related setting that have somehow ended up becoming multiplied with each other giving 10 times the wind speed.

Added some missions to prove the point, in about the same location, with the same trees, just a single guy with its initialization box either empty, with “setWind [0, 10, true]” or “setWind [0, 100, true]” entered in it and in all cases the default editor GUI max wind/gust/overcast are set to their maximums.

You can also enter permutations of “setWind [#, #, true]” in the escape key debug box and execute them.

If it’s a constant “bug” like problem or you still have the mission file, then post it.

As for the Youtube counters, you do know they lag behind ;)

Yes, my mistake. Scripts in some case set up much higher wind speed...
But maximum wind speed, which can be set up in editor is 10, but value has slow rise & slow fall. Some minutes to pass from 0 to 10.

To avoid such "dancing tree", setwind command must be hard limited in some range, -20 to 20, etc. Or fully described in wiki...

With this recomendation case can be closed.

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I don't see on my computer, please can you prepare repro steps ? Thanks very much.

Look at 3 screenshot taken in strong wind environment:

  1. tree at minimal angle;
  2. maximu angle;
  3. overlay from 2 previous screenshot.

Get a closer look at the last:
1st look at any far tree, leftmost etc. I am colored one of tree from right - green line for trunk in minimal angle, red line in maximum. Both lines converge at ground level (yellow line).
2nd look at closest tree. Red & green line converge not at ground level (yellow line), but 0.5 meter upper (blue line). Tree rotates in blue ciruit point, not ground level as any other tree.
This is root of the dancing tree problem.

Easy way to reproduce in your game - in debug console on Stratis:
player setpos [3164.84,4549.03]; setwind [30,-30,true]; skiptime 24;
We get storm and dancing trees.
One more video (speedy):

And one more time - setwind must be limited in it maximum range. We can define any crazy value, setwind [-1000,1000] etc. and tree start fly on the sky as dry leafs.

I see it. I will speak to programmer about it. Thanks

Why is this marked as "need more info"? I think the problem is pretty obvious - Trees go crazy when wind is set very high with setWind.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.