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AI Won't run/flee away in groups.
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I've been trying to make a simple AI group flee carelessly for their lives without stopping even if they get shot at. Unfortunately, you cannot do that unless you separate every AI from the group.

Please, read the steps to reproduce and get back here later.

Those problems only happen when you're working with a group. If you, instead, place an individual unit and repeat those steps, they will run to your waypoint and stop for nothing.

Why do I think it should be fixed? I always wanted to make an AI squad flee away from battle if a certain condition is met; but it is very tough for them to run away succesfully if they keep on going prone and stuff like that. {F19735}


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Steps To Reproduce

First issue:
-Start editor.
-Place a group.
-Add a waypoint for that group.
-Set their speed to "FULL", their awareness to "CARELESS" and their engaging mode to "NEVER FIRE".
-They *SHOULD* run to that waypoint no matter what happens to them. But instead they will WALK slowly to the objective, and not use the formation you command them to.

Second issue:
-Place a group.
-Add a waypoint for that group.
-Set their speed to "FULL", their awareness to "AWARE" and their engaging mode to "NEVER FIRE".
-They will now run to the objective, though they will all go prone and etcetera if they happen to be shot at. This seems to be the only easy way of making AI run in groups if you don't want them to shoot back at you.

Additional Information

Disabling the AI's Target, Autotarget and FSM does not resolve the issue.

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F2kSel added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 2:55 PM

This is extremely annoying.In both Safe and Careless modes units refuse to run even when no enemy are present.

NEVER FIRE is also broken as units will still throw grenades

These problems were not seen as much in A2/OA. Tested again and it is still a problem in OA. They seem to run to cathc up then walk this looks very poor.

Units have always refused to run in careless and safe in my experience. Maybe... there could be a "panic" behaviour added for waypoints, in addition to the existing Safe, Aware, Combat, Stealth, etc. When in "Panic" the units would reach their waypoint without engaging and would run at full speed. If that isn't clear, I could clarify, I guess.

F2kSel added a comment.Jul 5 2013, 1:18 AM

They will run in carless if you don't use waypoints but use domove instead along with never fire, so it has to be a waypoint issue.

Can you please attach a repro mission?

I put up a simple mission.

No enemy AI to confuse the issue.

Waypoint careless fullspeed for one group and for a comparison another group using setbehaviour "Careless" and a domove command.

For grenade throwing while ordered to "never fire" I'll post another report.

Cheers! Let me know once you got the other ticket filed, so I can relate and escalate it.

It's here if you've not seen it. Only a minor issue.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:26 PM

Yes, this is an issue! Having the same problem.