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Tactical Vest not using different textures
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There are 3 colour variants of the tactical vest. Khaki, Brn and Olive. In previous builds the different textures worked however in the current build (alpha and dev) only one texture is being used (black). I also created my own mod using custom textures and they are no longer working


I've worked out this is just a config issue. The Tactical vest Khaki class (which all other tactical vests use as a base) is missing hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"};


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Place a unit in the editor without a vest. Add a brown or olive tactical vest to the unit. Black colour will be shown

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Same appeals for the Boonie hats, you'll only see them in Khaki Camo.

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Updated description with identified problem

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Doesn't class V_TacVest_khk inherit hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; from class Vest_Base.

Yes it should be but for whatever reason its not working.

I have my own tactical vest working by copying the tactical vest khaki code and adding hiddenselections. Below is my code and can confirm it works:

class V_TacVest_MYMOD: Vest_Base

		scope = 2;
		displayName = "Tactical Vest My mod";
		picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_v_tacvest_blk_ca.paa";
		model = "A3\Characters_F\Common\equip_tacticalvest";
		hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"};
		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\mymod\mytexture.paa"};
		class ItemInfo: VestItem
			uniformModel = "A3\Characters_F\Common\equip_tacticalvest";
			containerClass = "Supply90";
			mass = 50;
			armor = "5*0.5";
			passThrough = 0.7;
			hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"};


There is a problem with inheritance, indeed. We have some models, that don't have defined hiddenSelections in their p3d (e.g. "V_PlateCarrier1_rgr") and other that do so (e.g. "V_TacVest_khk").

If you have defined hiddenSelection in itemInfo of a model, that does not have camo selection definition in p3d, when dropped on ground, this model becomes invisible (engine reason).

Hence we have splitted the base class of vests to two:
Vest_Camo_Base and Vest_NoCamo_Base

In the next alpha (/beta) release, this issue with color should be fixed.
Please modify your MOD's classes accordingly.

Mass close.