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Worse fps in prone position
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I was watching broccoli trees with new sniper scopes. Those trees gives me bad fps but then I noticed that I get even worse fps when in prone and we are talking about 7-10fps. These two combined I get 10-20fps when watching those Broccoli trees and that's game breaking when it's normally 30-60fps.
Even ACO sights give little fps drop when in prone position. {F19660} {F19661}


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Watch my video. I spawned with sniper in Kamino firing range. Go in prone position and zoom in forest. Then stand up and zoom again in the same position. You can clearly notice that prone position gives me worse fps comparing to crouched or standing.
I suggest you to also check the issue because my video was more meant for the Broccoli tree issue so the issue is harder to spot.

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My rig:
i7 2600K @ 4,4 GHz
MSI N560GTX-448 Twin Frozr III PE (1,2GB)

Video about the issue (showing also the Broccoli tree issue):

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The missing crawl sound wasn't related. Just tested in Airfield on two different surfaces and didn't get it spammed but still the same issue. Better noticeable when zooming in trees because of the normal fps drop. I can upload a shorter video if it's wanted.

There's even little fps drop with ACO when in prone position so this issue isn't only in sniper scopes.

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This is because you are looking through more grass layers when prone.
Dissable ATOC and you will see an improvement because grass is no longer antialiased
Unlikely this can be improved much.

I use AtoC on all trees only and this happens even without any kind of AA and terrain quality low so it isn't grass that is doing the fps drop when in prone position.

Uploaded DxDiag had forgot that.

I don't use AtoC or AA at all and get the same; but only when looking at those specific trees. Usually my FPS drops 10+ frames into the mid-20's.

I think it seems worse in prone because your view is more stable and can focus on the tree instead of swaying around, so I don't think they're directly related.

Arma 2 had a similar problem with certain trees...they just require more resources to render. Hopefully they can optimize it

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Vegetation have been super kind to FPS in ARMA3 so if something starts to be laggy now it must be some bug.

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Related to #6390

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