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The sound inside buildings is exactly the same as outside...
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When entering buildings it still sounds like you're outside.
There is no sense of being inside something, away from the elements.
You can still clearly hear the same outdoor samples like the wind, insects etc...
There needs to be more deadening or resonance of the acoustics depending on the size of the building and the material that It is made from.

Also all the buildings are filled with visible swarms of butterflies, bees, crickets... etc

Something as simple as this could make a MASSIVE difference...


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I really doubt that RV's sound engine is capable of real-time sound filtering..
BTW Must say that Battlefield 4 does this really well.. at least did in it's 17 minutes gameplay reveal..

Sounds good & when you compare it to real life it's not far off :-)

Actually I'm not sure if my link is of a real life battle :-s
But It sounds realistic & believable anyway.

@FeralCircus you managed to undermine your entire post with an Edit. Divide by Zero Award for you Sir...

Seriously though if you want the most realistic Gun Battles acoustically you need to invest in the sound engineering. Something that has never been ARMA's strongest suite.

The Best most realistic sounding gun battle, purely from a physics and urban environment is the shoot out in Heat by Michael Mann. Ex-SAS man Andy McNab was a technical advisor and it shows, and he employed some really outstanding sound engineers. This is truly what battle sounds like and is as close as you would really want to get, from my own experiences in Iraq it was a full on devastating cacophony of sound.

It really is this visceral, and no computer game has ever come as close as this film did....Crank it up, plug in your ear phones prepare to void yourself....You have been warned.

@mwnciboo I was just being honest :-) and I basically said It's so good I can't tell. It might be real I don't know.
I also respected what you said until I saw your link to an action movie :-s

The video in your comment sounds nothing like a real fire fight in the streets because it has been edited and heavily produced, drown in reverb & bass for an action movie to make your stomach rumble in a cinema seat.
Those weapons don't possess the physical mass to produce pressure waves as low as they sound in that video. There would be more harsh mid to high frequencies (popping & cracking) in real life, that's why people wear ear protection while shooting.

Here's the REAL one that I was supposed to post...
Sounds very similar to my last link.

Also, when a weapon is fired indoors it should be VERY loud. In fact if a weapon is shot to close to a soldiers ear or inside he should go temporarily deaf with some heavier weapons. (Kinda like in black hawk down)

Im a bit pesimistic and i think we wont never get bf3 quality soundengine - its art in itself and it require people, resources, and money. Its doable of course. There is just too many things to
address - bis focus is visual-vise apperance right now. I hope that sound will be addressed so in final release we will have decent sound engine. Not predefined samples but sound reacting to environment - its possible with scripts- and every sound never sounds the same.

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While a better sound engine would be cool,
I think it's still possible to tweak the sounds while you are indoor
without redesigning the sound engine from scratch.

Just a bit of echo to the footsteps and lowering the volume of birds, insects etc
would be a good start,

I've been talking with Jarhead and he said that there might be possibility to adress some filter/filters made by BIS when indoors - not only for gunshots but for ALL sounds ie. steps, casings, reloading, voice talk etc.

It would be awesome if the same approach that was made with vehicles - to filter out the outdoor sounds - would be taken indoors.

Funny thing that I've wanted to make same ticket for this :)


That's great news cheers :-)

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If sounds were done properly, shooting indoors or inside a vehicle would be ear shattering.

There is a sound mod for ARMA 2 that replicates different sounds for interiors and exteriors. It's possible, so upvoted!

For the rain also. +1

@jakeryan760 hell no, gun shots in Arma 3 already blow my ears away. Would be nice if you could set their volume manually

They have used sound filters in vehicles, so why not in and around buildings and other structures?

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Yeah, because it's as easy to detect if you're in a building as it is to detect if you're in a vehicle...

@AD2001 That's right :-)
They've finally managed to stop the rain from coming into buildings, and even the canopy of the trees shelter you from the rain.
And I've managed to create a simple example (video in description) to stop swarms of insects and outdoor sound from flooding in.

So there does seem to be bounding geometry built into the 3d structures for collision detection, and it is clearly being used by sound modders for the internal resonance effects on weapons.

Just apply a simple sound filter for now that reduces the perceived volume and top end frequencies that can't penetrate solid structures.

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JSRS 2.0 does this splendidly. It simply draws a line above the player's head, then if it hits a solid object (Not trees or bushes, bullets can pass through so they aren't counted in), it adds an echo effect. This even works with modded in weapons.

But you can still hear the wind and insects just as if you're outside...
Is there a way to integrate 'enableEnvironment false' (or something better) with 'lineIntersectsWith'?

I always thought something was off whenever I entered buildings in ARMA 2 and ARMA 3. Then it hit me: There's no interior sound!

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I hope this will not be changed in any way. They changed the interior sounds when in a vehicle and it messes up any sound in ArmA3, everything sounds muted and messes up custom sounds and music.

Instead of accepting the current appalling and unrealistic sound, surely it would be better if they just simply fixed it and made it work properly :-)

Can this be marked as resolved too? Sound is different inside now.

I marked the ticket as resolved. The sound attenuation is present in awhile.