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No bolt animation after shooting with the M320 LRR and probably GM6 Lynx
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Apologies in case this has already been adressed, but I just noticed that there is currently no animation on the new M320 LRR for pulling back the bolt after each shot, the bolt just moves back without being touched, this also looks strangely slow in my opinion, or atleast In real life I can pull back the bolt of a bolt-action rifle way faster than the bolt currently moves ingame.

I am unsure wheter or not the new GM6 Lynx is intended to be a bolt-action rifle or not but if it's supposed to be one then the animation for pulling back the bolt is missing there as well.

One more thing that was already mentioned on another post: Both rifles currently have no sound.

P.S I was informed that the devs are already looking into it.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get an M320LRR
  2. Look at the bolt
  3. Shoot
  4. Look at the bolt moving without being touched

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Maybe read changelog first?
"Currently the reload after every shot for bolt action rifles like M320 is wrong. We are looking into it."

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As Blu3sman says, this is a known issue as mentioned in the changelog, but let's leave this open for now. People are just going to keep reporting it anyway.

Ahh sorry, I kinda missed that :(

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The GM6 Lynx is semi automatic in RL, currently it operates like a bolt action rifle similar to the M320.

Upvoting to keep it visible, so (hopefully) people wont report more issues about it !

Only M320 is bolt action , the Lynx is semi-auto

Agreed. Please add proper bolt-action animations and sound for actuating the bolt. :-)