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Need ability to set cloud level the same way as fog
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I would like for the the ability to control the height, thickness and fall off rate of clouds similar to how you edit fog.


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Absolutely agree. If anything, I kind of think that they should just use this to replace the new fog but I'm not sure how good that would look with some of how the clouds render. But being able to set the cloud level would allow for really cool mission conditions, like having heavy cloud cover at the top of a mountain instead of 5000 meters up or whatever it is.

The cloud height varies in real, there is not exact height. Arma should have a set cloud heigh ability be ause we are also receiving new volumetric clouds!

nvm - just seen it's fine

There is a bunch of new commands to deal with simul weather:

ctrl+F then type simul

Copy paste command in editor's debug console and click F1 to see what it does

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wanted feature. upvoted.

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Sad to see priority = none.

Because this topic will be loose from all mind.

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A Cloud hight; could be a "set base level" for mist, ie an option to lift the base level of the mist a few hundred mtr, would work as low cloud.

something like setCloudHeight would be needed - with such hopefully could achieve similar to via sqf