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Helicopter Precision Mounting/Dismounting
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(Redone now just about the precision dismounting)On ARMA II the clan Shack Tactical released a brilliant mod titled 'ST_LB_ENHANCEMENTS' which gave the ability to shoot off the skids (which is now covered in several requests) and precision mount and dismount and by that I mean whichever seat you look at on the helicopter I.E. the little bird when you clicked get on skid it would put you in that exact seat. This is helpful for pinnacle extractions/insertions. There was also the ability to slide left and right on the skid and that comes into play with the precision dismounting where if you look in a direction and hit dismount it would dismount you where you were looking and people on the back skid could hop off the back or slide to the front and hop of the front vice versa. Again helpful for tactical insertions like hopping out onto a balcony. For this feature you could also put it in for transport helicopters like say a black hawk type deal I.E. you are sat in the back and the building is on the left side of the helicopter you should get the ability to hop out the left side instead of either left or right. {F19522}


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I've always wondered how the hell the soldier didn't fall. Are they straped?

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We finally got the rear seats put into the game don't call it weird or bad.

As for the mounting of specific seats, sure that could be nice.

dont understand your argument. you can fit 6 people. two in the back and two on each sideboard. dont see why those should be taken out.

Agreed with vryoffbtdrummr

Issue downvoted

As I said, I just honestly put up my opinion. It is not an issue I just reckon that it should be like the real (now futuristic) actual helicopter but even if that idea is out the window the whole precision mounting/dismounting is still one of the things on there that would be nice.

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The real version can fit 6 passengers + 2 crew.

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i DO agree that we should at least chose to take the MH9 with 6 passanger seats or 4 passanger seats.

But your ticket its just so useless i downvoted

I completely removed my opinion of the multiple seats and now it is just about precision mounting.

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i think precision mounting its already planned

@Vulcanexius. This game takes place in 2035 most helicopters in this game are based of reals just like this little fella. They actually planned to make one of these in reallife but its just useless since it would become bigger and more expensive. Rather fly a blackhawk or somthing else then such open bulletmagnet.

Wait what Raoul? I removed the whole idea of having the extra seats and now it is just about precision mounting.

Hmm linked the wrong person im just gona remove this since this post is going nowhere...

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