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Abort Button
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Abort button is missing after you save a mission.


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Windows 7
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Open the Editor place your player, save the mission to whatever name then preview. Press Esc. There is no Abort button to exit the mission. You have to die to exit.

Additional Information

If you open editor, place your player and click preview, then press ESC you get an abort button to exit your unsaved mission. Once you save it you can no longer abort or exit unless you die then you can "End" the mission. Shouldn't you be able to Abort it at any time?

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Think the Editor needs to also standardize the ESC/Exit buttons so people can quickly exit out of while within a preview or playing session.

Same with this missing abort button.

In other words, the exit/abort buttons or actions need to be standardized. Currently, I'm clicking all around the display just to exit the preview mode.

This bug might be categorized with other similar bugs.

Fixed, I believe.

Shrugs. Last I checked, I was still clicking all around to exit the game/application, when within Preview or Multiplayer modules.

Should probably only have to press "ESC" several times before the application is exited, when within a game or Editor preview mode. (I'll double check this within a short while to see if the latest patch fixed, but doubt it.)

I just checked this against the latest stable patch release and pressing "ESC" pretty much allowed me to exit all the way back to the main menu without much interaction, which is good. However, pressing 'ESC' on the main menu, should just exit without prompting, as there is nothing to save and anybody pressing 'ESC' on the main menu can be pretty much safely assumed they really do want to exit, without having to click another prompt. This usually occurs when a player gets tired, and just wants to quit the game. (Albeit, I'm sure developers just love to bug players with another "Are You Sure You Want to Quit" prompt. ;-)

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