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Why change to pistol when picking up rifle?
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When you pick up a rifle you automatically switch to pistol.

Very annoying and not realistic since you would have the new weapon in your hand already.

You cannot move while changing back to rifle which is more time wasting and frustration.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Drop rifle
  2. Pick up the same rifle
  3. After exiting inventory, character switches to sidearm instead of rifle

Or pick up any rifle from box or body

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drop rifle, no weapon, change to pistol, grab rifle

Your right, could be a problem that their is no unarmed stand support.

This bugs the hell out of me.Also how you go to grab some ammo and the first one you take the weapon reloads before you can take more.I would rather take them and leave as fast as possible then reload.

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Modified repro for clarity.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Happens to me all the time too. Glad to hear you're already looking into it.

I agree that this is annoying and unrealistic cause its true, if we take it, it mean we have it on our hands, but anyway like Khan say it will be fixed, thanks dev !
Same for the two other fact say here, not able to move while change weapon, my airsoft gun have the same shape and height than real gun, i have no military training and i'm able to change them while moving, even while running and same for pickup object in my pockets, in Arma 3 the character can't move while in the inventory or the inventory will be close, we have too much unrealistic and gameplay non friendly restriction.

Same for the auto reloading who prevent us to take more mags before it finish to reloading, a user side possibility is to first take ammo by slide them from the source to our inventory and after only put one of them into our riffle by sliding it into the riffle mag position.
The real solution will be the possibility to take all ammo at once, so the reload will not hinder anyone.
The other possibility is that the weapon will be only reload when we leave the inventory.

Taking all ammo at once is streamlining to far though.Same with the rearm function you get where you click once and grab a bunch of ammo.

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This is still an issue in the latest DEV build.

Really infuriating when playing wasteland.

That is one thing that really pissed me off. I had times where im taking a red's weapon and one of his buddys comes up on me. and it doing the changing to side arm.

This is exactly the sort of stuff I wanted to see gone from Arma. Along with cant reload secondary and move at the same time.

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Fixed in Dev branch thanks to heroic effort of our programmers.

I am afraid that the programmers forgot to fix this also for sidearm. Just switch to your sidearm, pick up a new sidearm from ammobox and here we go = switch to primary rifle. I think you should not switch to primary weapon when taking new sidearm.

lol is true Pauliesss...

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Bug since 2006... will fix soon lol