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Supressor on rifles have no sound.
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When attaching a suppressor to any rifle, it emit's no sound what so ever. Giving new meaning to silencer.

Though AI still seem to be alerted, so I am assuming the problem here is a missing file, not the properties of the suppressor?


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start the steal the car showcase, and you will start with a silenced weapon. Just fire randomly and listen...... nothing.

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Might be related to but given the date the ticket was created (before the update) I doubt it. New problem, and seems to affect all weapons with a suppressor attached.

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Yep... Though this was my own problem, looks like I am not alone.

can be overly exploited in mp for sure, so I am avoiding wasteland and any other PvP until this is resolved lol.

Same here, Infact my suppressors have dissapeared completely

Just a me too on this issue. For some reason the sounds when using a silencer is completly gone.

The sounds for supressor are missing since the "audio" update 07-05-2013(EXE rev. 05007 (0.57).

Hopefully they will add this sound soon.

theone added a subscriber: theone.May 7 2016, 2:01 PM

It´s kind of funny...
If you go third person and look into the muzzle flash you hear a silenced shot...
But there should be a sound of the sonic signature (as long as we don´t have any subsonic ammunition)

I have actually noticed that, but i think that's a sound generated by the bullet itself, likewise you can actually hear the bullet pass or make impact. But the suppressor should generate a sound as well coming from the muzzle.

This issue has been solved with latest DEV build as of May 21st update

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 2:01 PM

Just tried this with several weapons and it seems to have been resolved. :)

Mass close.