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More use of tactical glasses
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I'm not sure if people will agree with this, or if this will be in a later version of the game. But the tactical glasses don't seem to do anything. I think it would be great if you weren't wearing tactical glasses, you may loose the HUD, and the cross-hairs. Which would mean that the tactical glasses gain some sort of purpose. Mines could also only show up with tactical glasses after the demo-expert has told the unit there are mines around. They could also reduce glare from the sun, but if you look at the sun without the sunglasses you would get full glare.

This may also give it a slightly more futuristic feel, even though this is only 20 years in the future, it would still be interesting considering the rate of technological change when there are already pieces of equipment that are controlled by eye movement. Like the targeting of enemies vehicles and planes in the Eurofighter typhoon.


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Should just retitled this bug to "Eye protection does not work with blinding sun."

This would signify there is a bug needing fixing; and advise users searching for similar to material, that this is the bug they want to follow-up with for their specific issue. (ie. Generalize the subject.)

I just noticed this as well, many enjoy the blinding sun, but us older folks despise blinding lights. And if polarized sunglasses or helmets with polarized glare protection are within our inventory, why are we still being blinded by the sun?

(You'll also notice pilot helmets also have radio headsets or noise cancelling features, for which Arma 3 has yet to display. Put on a helmet and take off a helmet near a helicopter, and you'll notice there's no difference in volume of effects audio channel. (ie. See Bug Helicopters are Too Loud)

According to the previous post that got closed, it could be nice if the SUNglasses could do their job, with a simple color filter in game... That can be seen especially in the campaign's first episod, where we get often sunlight direct in the eyes!

This feature definitely needs fixing. Completely useless to have all these types of eye wear, including glare shields on helmets, if they're completely useless!

Yup. Simple tinting the screen would work, or simply dimming the brightness.

With the pilot helmets, the coding will need to account for day or night, and adjust the helmet to simulate clear or sun glare protection. Or, think there was an option within the middle menu at one time to "Pull helmet gear down" or something? Seems this middle mouse button menu item was deleted for helmets/pilots several months ago. I'm wondering if they just gave up on coding this any further.

I'd say a lot of capabilities should have depended on the gears, rather than difficulty setting. Basically much of the HUD symbology should only be available when tactical glasses or some sort of HMD is worn. That could include on screen waypoint display, squad member diamond, assigned target box. Known mines too. But maybe not crosshair though, that's simply a rough representation of your point shooting accuracy, not much of a HMD capability.

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Well, without the on screen display symbols, playing the game would be similar to sitting in a jail cell with only being able to look through a two foot by 1 foot window!

One of the main reasons for some of the on screen symbols is to adequately supplement for the lack of viewing space and sense of balance. (ie. Crouching and standing symbols, 3D view in flight for lack of balance, etc.)

On screen way points, albeit still only one on-screen way point lacking any contrasting colors to distinguish apart from the landscape, was a God send! When piloting or flying, you're simply usually able to look down at a map while driving. (Before the days when cops crashed their cars into other vehicles while watching pr0n on their laptops while driving.)

The on screen symbols for mines; once you find a mine or other object in real life, you can simply easily mark-off in real life. Within the 3D world it's not so easy.

Well, I've seen some servers also trying omitting the cross hairs! And it would coincide with what you've stated already!

Put it this way, when I turn a channel on my handset radio positioned on my belt (or elsewhere), I can easily feel by touch what channel the radio is tuned to. Within the 3D world, distinguishing by touch or feelings is very difficult, nor can one yet even turn down the radio volume! (But the way some people complain like girls within the game at times, they should likely be able to do this already!)

Items such as noise cancelling headsets for vehicle/aircraft radios (instead of manually turning down volumes within the game configuration), as well as proper sun visors on helmets desperately needs implementing!

Up, I still hope the devs will do this once! It's sad they did all these glasses to not use them as they should. And I think giving them an effect would take 1 day of programming... For me the important would not be the tactical side, but protecting from sun, dust, etc...

"For me the important would not be the tactical side, but protecting from sun, dust, etc..."


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+1 BIS please try do it