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Dead bodies can float in the air when the building that is under them is destroyed
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Dead bodies seem to be unaffected by gravity if the building is destroyed from under them. Tested on the top of the lighthouse and at the old outpost.


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Windows 7
Game Physics
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Kill someone at the top of the lighthouse, leave their body. Blow up the lighthouse. The body will float there indefinitely.

Additional Information

first noticed in stable branch, also affects dev branch at the time of this report.

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This issue is still present in current release version.

Strikes me that when a character is killed, the ragdoll physics apply until he comes to a final rest, and then effectively the character is frozen in time and space. Having the body constantly affected by ragdoll physics would probably be hugely demanding on CPU but if that issue would be successfully bypassed then it would be a significant gameplay feature - not only would dead bodies then react to the building beneath them disappearing, but also they remain as obstacles, for instance if a dead body blocks a staircase then it can be a bother trying to get past, as it would be in real life. Might also help with realistic dragging-bodies-away mechanics.

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hey guys - i understand the cost of fixing this - can you just say "we aren't gonna fuck with this one" or something?

(yes, a year later :) )

OK. So the physics no longer applies to a body AFTER it reaches it's final resting place. But can't there be an EVENT that triggers the physics to momentarily work again?


Hahaha. Clearly I'm NOT a programmer. I have no clue about programming. But it seems like this should be fairly easy for the programmers to fix.

I'm getting tired of seeing dead bodies floating in the air when a building or observation tower collapses.

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These types of floating objects can also cause damage.

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Should be fixed in 149354

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