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Add tracers in several colours for all calibers
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I noticed that you have only one kind/colour of tracers for every gun available, I think this is rather unlogical because one: It identifies the gun's usual owner(Blufor: red Opfor green)and two: In real life there are all kinds of tracers in different colours available for everybody to get, so why not in the game as well?
My suggestion: Simply add more tracer magazines/clips in different colours for the different small arms and stationary weapons in the game.


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  1. Get a weapon.
  2. Get all availabe tracer mags which fit the weapon.
  3. See that there is only one kind of tracers available.

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There are indeed different types of Colour Tracer. But in I have only ever seen Red or Green on the battlefield, and I have never seen any other military using anything other than those two colours.

Civilians who can buy tracer can obviously buy what they like, but this is a Military Game so Red or Green would be reasonable.

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+1 for bringing up the tracers, they are something that needs rework overall.

tho i agree with mwnciboo

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I have found myself interested in this feature. More color options for tracers for all weapons are very welcome for mission makers.

Please add at least green, red and yellow tracers for all weapon with tracer ammunition!
My guess it is only a copy and paste job and changeing of the colour values, so at least I would really appreciate that!

frzburn added a subscriber: frzburn.May 7 2016, 1:56 PM

Downvoted. Exactly whay mwnciboo said.

They have green, red, and yellow tracers in the game. Some are disabled and you can only get the magazine by scripting, some other weapons just don't have those other tracer types.

Upvoted. Even simply adding red/green/yellow variants for all existing weapons would be extremely welcome. Currently there are only tracer variant for the 5.56 weapons, oddly enough almost all tank cannons and vehicle mounted weapons have red/green/yellow tracer magazines even though they are very seldom used.

This would give players a bit more freedom to use weapons outside of the games established cannon but still match the tracer colours to their side. For groups/clans and mission makers the freedom to choose is never a bad thing, can't see any downside if it's simple to do.

Nyles added a subscriber: Nyles.May 7 2016, 1:56 PM

The Vermin has now been taken care of:

Fixed: Vermin has a magazine with red tracers at the end by default, added tracer magazines for all colors (

Please expand this to the other weapons by adding respective yellow, red and green variants. (i.e. for the new DLC MMGs)