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Arma 3 - Takistan Port in full release by: BIS
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I requesting Takistan map in Arma 3 full release or in a patch somewhere in the future where BIS have ported the map into the game, so its easy to use without any complications.

My and many others had takistan as a favourite map in arma 2, we can see that the map is very popular everywhere.

Its a little sad when we move over to Arma 3 because of losing these fantastic maps made by BIS, that represented Modern War.

Today i can see that ALREADY the community have worked hard and got a ported version of takistan into Arma 3.
Tho it have its issues and stuff.

I want to see Takistan map in Arma 3 with the new fog effects, and lightnings would make the game even greater, We can continue play on the old map and ofc the new once, giving us more coices, less time on porting and maybe.. more people play it?

For myself i dont need takistan to be enchanced graphicaly or anything, just how it is in arma 2 is enough, ofc some things could be enchanced but if BIS choosed not to, so what? its there.

Also get the "taliban" Insurgents back had been so badass!

I hope you guys see this, vote for it had been great!

Ill provide a link to the ported version of takistan.
and some nice pictures :)

Lay {F19074} {F19075}


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How to takistan and Chernarus

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This may be wishfull thinking, but the OP has a point. I mean I too would like to see the return of Takistan and Chernarus from BIS to be as natively implimented as possible. I can understand if the character models can't, but most of the props, objects etc along with the maps should be very much possible with some minor twaeking for those who already own ArmA2.

This ofcourse should be low low priority. But couldnt hurt to take into consideration to send an update patch that will allow it without any hassle.

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I think BIS should work with the team AllInArma and get it all done properly over time :)

would be immense up voted

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BIS works on arma 3, modders can work in ports if they want to, but i dont think BIS should port takistan just because they can

I don't think its something BIS should focus on. Sure the maps and items are nice, but I'm sure it'll get worked out by modders and groups like e.g. AllInArma.

The future plans of BIS game Arma 3 wil prob. be something we, in the end, want ported over to future Arma games. And it'll prob. happen in the same way as it has been handled in the past. Modders.

If not, Why not?

This is ultimately up to them really, but I dont see a problem with doing this as it will add value to A3 in many ways. Sure people can buy A2 for the pure takistan and chernarus maps, but who will play A2 after A3 release? And those playing A2 and dont really intend to buy A3 because of the so called unrealistic futuristic setting. This will be worth it.

Guess it is debatable, but in the end, I'm just wishfully hoping BIS would give us this, even as additional DLC.

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people will buy A2 because there are already finished mods and on going dev. mods for it, besides, people think after A3 get relased its gonna be buggy again and its gonna take years before it becomes playable, besides, this is not the "ultimate" arma game, yes, its WAY too amazing, but there is still things they can do, and when another arma game come out, people will want this same thing with Arma 4 graphics ported, and BIS cant do that to EVERY ArmA game relased

not asking to remake arma 2, just take whats already done, and make it easily available on the newer game, for the sake of variety of landscape and maybe some extra's, as well as the fact that I am getting use to A3, and so are many others, and playing A2 just feels sooo old and clunky in comparison it is hard to go back and get use to.

The more native it is, the better and stable it works. It's from modding that it becomes buggy again and needs constant updating and fixes, and modders may have freedom to do many things, but at the same time are pretty limited to integrate such things perfectly due to limitations and time.

Once again, there's no priority on it, and it is up to the devs to decide. There is no harm to let them know that we want it. It can be a DLC release in future. That is all I am saying.

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shotgun, i SERIOUSLY-100%-SURE think that's something any medium quality modder can do, i think BIS have more important stuff to take care of

@Bis id happily pay a DLC price for this porting to be properly done!

[EDIT] in the future of course, lets get the ball rolling for the actual game first ;)

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i think btoh tyl3r99 and shotgun are new to the ArmA saga and BIS games, right? both of you dont seem to understand how DLC for ArmA works.

BIS is not EA/Infinityward, they will not relase a DLC with just 1 remaked map.

if they do sell a DLC, they will sell a DLC with a brand new HQ map, like north corea, or iran desert

That which you are talking about, that's called an expansion, dlc is just additional content, pay for or free, usually limited to small amounts of extra's, new weapons, maps etc, but expansions are new campaigns and content, and is practically a complete new game based on the core of the original game, and typically an expansion on the current series, like AOA is an expansion of A2.

But what we talking about is just the map, not even a remake of the map, just make it easily available with a few tweaks to make it compatable, as it already is possible to have these maps in A3 already, but it is a mission to setup for the average joe, and is bugged due to compatability issues.

So just make it readily available with the bugs fixed and maybe other content like vehicles and weapons from A2 and A2OA, that's worth being a dlc.

laywiin added a subscriber: laywiin.May 7 2016, 1:48 PM

Yes understand that Dr.Death, so true.

But why would the community "Fight" to make bis NOT give theyre OLD work that are brilliant, to the the buyers? What is the purpose of that.

YES ofc they are busy, and i see people showing them the respect by sayin' they dont need to use the time on this because of the community.

Personaly i dont want to must download a addon for a map that was original by bis??
what about all the new fans out there that are not known to modding/community, they are missing the good parts. parts that is original BIS.

@Bis i would pay for a MAP pack for Arma 3.

And btw, im not a new man to Arma, i played flashpoint my first time.

using the DLC sounds wrong in the Arma world, YES i know it.

But still, what about a Patch?

DLC sounds wrong only because you think of paying for it. I say if you own A2, then just a patch to basically use your A2 content from library, and the patch will integrate and fix it.

But for those who never purchased A2, they can buy the DLC map and vehicles or weapons packs. Because new comers would much rather prefer that than have to buy A2 and related expansion packs and revert from the current changes back to old clunky game that is outdated. So BIS would actually benefit from that, as well as us long time supporters.

And as for A2 mods, most of the worthy ones will be coming to A3, so theres no loss. A2 will die off, so might as well make some of the content available in A3, just as mods are moving over to A3.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:48 PM

I think new island and DLC must be Winter&Snowy!
And rearmed on current years armory :)

I would totally love to see different weather effects and seasons other than rain!.

As for current generation of weaponry, it be a nice welcome as well, though A2 current gen content is pretty much good enough to be handed down as DLC for A3 and will probably look just as good in A3, perhaps just some upscaled higher rez textures and renewed animations at most, but its an example of how BIS could save a lot of time and effort by bringing in A2 content as DLC as opposed to go and remake all of that.

Anyways, im off to bed to dream about the armaverse =)

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shotgun, you are talking about the same thing ArmA 2 and TOH did.

"the new fans out there that are not known to modding/community" - laywiin.

i dont know if trolling, or just stupid, seriously, i could take that phrase into any game, but NOT in arma

Well, YES!.

I think Arma 3 has given ALOT of new fans "Players" that isnt aware of the modding.

thats normal?

known issues:

You cannot mix A2/OA infantry and A3 infantry or you get visual glitches and crashes
OA/TKOH DLC cannot be loaded - BI must add engine support for them in A3
Lots of "Updating base class" rpt spam - due to BI not renaming classes when changing the inheritance
BI campaigns/missions/tutorials are mostly broken
Missing inventory pictures for some weapons and items - vote in A3 Feedback Tracker
Tanks are a bit wonky and easily turn over (probably due to PhysX) - vote in A3 Feedback Tracker
Vehicles (tanks, wheeled, cars) have no sound - vote in A3 Feedback Tracker
No underwater vegetation in Chernarus/Utes (impossible to set as leads to underwater vegetation also inland)
No RTD FM or related SQF commands available (TKOH merge)
Large buildings are not shown at all/correctly (TKOH merge)
A2/OA warfare missions are completely broken as WFSideText SQF was removed from A3

looks like the creator of this wants us to post the errors in the feedback tracker...


Hmmm yes the Takistan map showed "modern war" but this isn't modern war, it's future war. New game, new features, new maps. Whats the point in going backwards when they want to progress?

doesn't mean takistan wont fit in the future setting at all.

haha, yeah midnight60. Why get something else in Arma 3? lets just be in the future...

lets not release any content from from Arma 2, why? ...

seriously, yes they are progressing but why NOT!? let us play arma 3 on the old maps too? i dont see youre logic

Well as I understood it BIS allowes ports from prev. games but it would really be nice if they could remake the ARMA 2 maps into proper ARMA 3 maps. I mean I've seen Chernarus ports it is nice but the weather and so on doesn't work and obv the texture is pretty much the same.

Exactly why BIS needs to do it, same as how someone pointed out that all in ARMA is doing the porting, yet there are still issues that they can't fix and said it would be up to BIS, thus is why BIS needs to do it in order to do it right. Just a free tweaks here and there, doesn't need to be remade from scratch.

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Finally a feature that should positively be taken from Arma2!

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 1:02 PM

CUP Terrains. Should be closed.