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Release of an Official Benchmark/Testing Mission.
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It would be very useful for interested users, bug reporters, and the wider public if there was an official testing mission.

It seems there has been much conjecture concerning the performance of ArmA 3 in its current state. Much of this conjecture is purely subjective, unfairly biased, or has no foundation in reality.

By releasing an official test mission, a benchmark can be set to which all interested parties can refer. The mission should of course include testing of the render capabilities FPS(render frames per second), simulation steps per second including physics, script engine utilization together with reproducible (within reason) AI activity.

Such a reproducible test will enable those that feel it necessary to monitor hardware utilization and to report meaningful results, also for those players wishing to fine tune their systems for the best playing experience. The results of the benchmark should reflect the performance and utilisation of all areas of the host hardware. An overall score as well as specific tests that are known to be system component intensive (eg disk access) would also be of use.

Most importantly; the test should include as many feasible elements as possible to enhance bug reporting.


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This mission should be made available in all current versions of the game.

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Absolutely required. Can't believe that this has just 6 votes! At least it's been reviewed.

We need this, BIS! Preferably one for each island, with lots of towns and cities shown.

But, even if BIS releases one or two runs through Altis it would be sufficient, as if you can run Altis well, Stratis shouldn't be a problem (unless there are bugs).

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just seen this, have been asking for such a mission for a long time

This is the only way servers can perform comparisons when discussing optimisation

Ticket can be closed, as it's not a bug/issue, but a request. Or can be moved to Wishlist.

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