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More complex inventory system for vests
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Right now it's possible to stuff a vest with high number of small items, like if it was a bag and not a vest with a specific pouch layout.

A more comlex solution would be to introduce a separate layout for each vest, with a limited number of pouches divided into three categories: magazines, grenades and small items (scopes, first aid kits, chemlights etc.). For example, a bandolier would have less pouches than a carrier rig, while grenadier vest would have more grenade pouches, at a cost of less magazine pouches, compared to a standard rifleman version.

The pouch system would work in a similar way to the current weapon modding system, with item-class specific slots.

A simpler solution would be to limit not only the maximum volume of carried items, but also the maximum amount for each class for a specific vest, for example: max mags 6, max grenades 2, max cargo 1. Within ingame inventory interface, a vest would have three separate bar indicators, one for each item class, in place of curent one overall fill bar.

Either way, a SAW type magazine would count as 2 or even 3 standard magazines, similar to Arma2 gear system.

The goals of this are:

  • to have a more varied inventory system
  • to prevent from carrying like 20 mags (or grenades) in a vest designed at best for half of that
  • to force proper ammunition management and firing discipline by limiting the maximum ammount of ammunition carried
  • to increase role of backpacks and proper outfit selection
  • to have different vests to be not only fasion items, but to have specific purposes as well {F19044} {F19045} {F19046} {F19047}


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Please have a look on the attached images. The proposed layouts were based on 3D models, as seen ingame.

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The backpacks and uniforms are fine as they are now. Backpack usually is a single bag, uniforms have limited cargo capacity anyway and their pockets allow for more creativity.

I find it hard to use more than 3-7 magazines during a mission, even a long one. 2 is for a typical mission with single shot aimed combat over a distance and 7 is for a mission with more CQB.

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That looks awesome!! This needs to happen to continue Arma's role in being an authentic military simulator

Definitely a good idea! It would be great if the gear positioning in the inventory would reflect in the actual ingame vest models...

This seems like a great idea and if this was implemented that could mean a easy way to animate the character drawing mags out of pouches! It could just detect a pouch with say a magazine and all vests could have a preset animation for each pouch!

Reminds me of jagged alliance 2, with the 1.13 patch inventory. I loved managing gear in that game. Definetly adds to the immersion, and overall a nice and cozy management feeling. Its one of these little things that just make for a great big picture in the end.

And knowing the scale of Jagged Alliance fanbase, there is a point in having a more appealing inventory.

As a side note, the Arma 3 inventory system and the ability to customize the equipment, was one of the two reasons, that convinced me to buy it.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

@CSR Kryssar
You can separate slots by types:
magazines (rifle/smg),
magazines (MG),
magazines (pistol/mini smg),
support (medkit, etc.)

Knife_slot ???!!

Vest in config must have values of each class, and slot index:

Slots 1,2,3 - grenades, slots 4,6,7 - magazines, slots 5,8,9 - items, slots - 10,11,12 - support (medkit)

Here you can set amount of slots and assign slot type

Each slot must have fixed amount of items in this slot (few bandages or injectors can be stacked in one slot)

OPTIONAL: add ability to attach proxy for each slot on model and bind it with config (proxy: grenade1 == Config.cpp -> Slots {grenade_slot_1= grenade1; etc.}; )...
slots can be limited to 100? or unlimited and binded together by config - proxy assigned to slot in config.


  • Modmakers can operate with this feature by Vest config and customize his model!
  • Visible gear (as in CS:S, TES, COD, BF, and just for fun, realism identity) for identify current soldiers gear

Tip: here need unify soldiers gear by 2-3 classes for know what types of proxyes and slot classes requred?!
Add some config param for Vest to turn on/off this feature for better flexibility for different mods and game modes?!

If this pushes A3 more towards realism then I hope that they change it so items stored in backpacks have to be manually carried over to the chest rigs for access during combat.

This suggestion makes sense.

Related issue #0006862

Crierd added a subscriber: Crierd.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

I fully support this idea.

The only gripe I have with it is that all of these chest rigs and plate carriers have webbing on them, and by permanently setting what each specific type can carry, you kinda defeat the whole purpose. A slight revision to this is as follows.

Also, make sure you understand the difference between a chest rig and a plate carrier before you continue reading. An example of a chest rig is an Eagle Industries Rhodesian Recon Vest, and a good example of a plate carrier is a London Bridge Trading 6094.

This assumes the concept of body armor would be implemented.

The reason someone would choose a plate carrier over a chest rig are many, but the fundamental reasons are that it can carry body armor, it also hugs your body tightly, and doesn't have as much space to attach pouches when compared to a chest rig, usually. This means that you carry slightly less ammo but you have armor, and you're also heavier.

Of course, a direct contrast to this is a chest rig, which usually allows for a bit more space for ammo and etc, depending on your setup, and a chest rig is inherently much lighter, especially without plates. This of course as the name mentions is for roles more relating to recon, hiding in a mountain where you don't expect to be shot at actively or accurately, whereas a chest rig provides armor for CQB operations.

Now that you know how both would be used, I think it's important that if you're going to be going to a fidelity of allowing certain specific capacities for individual chest rigs and plate carriers, you need to be able to customize your chest rigs and plate carriers adding or removing specific pouches. Otherwise, all you would be doing is expanding on a feature slightly, only to limit it to a point where it would just get really annoying with the limitations.

In my view, it would be going one step forward only to take two steps back.

bez added a comment.Jun 11 2013, 2:53 AM

good idea in my opinion

Originally, I was thinking about customizable vests as well and had a paragraph about them in a first draft of the ticket. Some vests would have slots for different pouches, which in turn would provide storage for different item classes. Other vests would offer only the basic design, like on the manipulated screenshots I've made.

Customizable vests is a feature related to other requests of more options to customize your soldier, as it seems, that face, voice and glasses are no longer enough. Adding personal touch to my ingame character, is something I would really like to see in Arma and Stalker has proven, that you can succesfully join FPP gameplay with RPG inventory/equipment.

I've removed the paragraph about customizable vests, because:

  • I tried to stick to the original issue I had: filling a vest with items, like if it was an ordinary bag and not a vest with specific design;
  • I didn't want to request too big or too complicated feature;
  • I wasn't sure how such more expanded features, traditionally associated with role-playing games, would be accepted by the Arma community.

Defining any armour added to a vest or provided by it by design, is really nice idea and doesn't collide with more complex vests nor customizable vests. How about additional armour-only slots, which would leave it up to player, to choose if he wants to carry heavy plates or additional protective gear (upper arms, side armour, groin etc.) or if he wants to stay light and mobile, at a cost of smaller protection? Armour plates themselves could represent different levels of ballistic protection.

We currently don't have armour for soldiers. The more complex vest system with dedicated slots for current items you originally describe would be a start, and perhaps a more customizable system could be added later?

Byku added a subscriber: Byku.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM
Byku added a comment.Jul 24 2013, 9:49 PM

Great idea that would give a lot of "authenticity" to the game :)

Otto added a subscriber: Otto.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM
Otto added a comment.Aug 11 2013, 2:03 PM

I think it's unrealistic and unnecessary. I see the idea of ​​it, but realistically no backpack designed in such a way. And it will ultimately make that you have many little things that easy will use all your slots. Show that it is filled, but there is still a lot more room and empty space. Therefore I think it is an invalid idea, even if the intention was good enough

Kirill added a subscriber: Kirill.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

I'll add more ...
It is necessary to share/separait the vest and body armor (even if it is based on the hit points).

Do not do it now the system M.O.L.L.E.
BIS did the right thing.

To separate vest in several pouches is a good idea, but do not specialize pouches!!!

One pouch should accept item by size.
In a not very complicated way:
Mag; grenade; Aim-point; laser; flashlight; sound-suppressor; GPS; etc... are small

Maybe a medium pouch in some vest?
Pistol; NVG; binoculars; etc...

And of curse two small items should enter in a medium pouch!

I've been thinking of this too. What would be perfect could be a square grid system with items of different height and width so a rpk mag would be 6h-2w, akm mag 4h-2w, M16 20rounds 2h-2w, pistol mag 1h-1w while having smaller items being stackable on a single square. Backpacks could be the only tab with an "unified" grid so you could stack anything in it.

More importantly a right click interaction menu so you can remove attachements/magazines/grenades from a weapon without having to equip and having to switch back all your mags after.

Even more urgent is the addition of a vicinity search, so you don't spend ages trying to find that one body in a sea of weapons laying on the ground.

I am currently working on a scripted version for such customizable vest. Investigated the possibilities of engine and besides of adding custom layout to every vest, it is also possible to introduce the modular vest system in arma 3 (like molle or alice).

Cre8or added a subscriber: Cre8or.May 8 2017, 11:16 PM