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Missing Controller Setting Button Names
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When going into the menu's either in game or from the main screen 9at startup).
There are no names on the buttons at the bottom in the controller config area. {F19024} {F19025}


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open menu (or from start of game) >> options >> Controls >> controllers

sleect controller from list, button on right of disable has no name, but when clicked it allows configuring of the axes and deadzones.
From here the three buttons in the middle at the bottom also have no names.

I guess it would be unmap, default and one other which I can't recall.

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Same her ! Any Idea how too fix this ?

will have to wait for BIS to fix in an update, but its not critical so could take some time.

Gekon added a comment.May 16 2013, 5:40 PM

Yep, thanks for this, guys.

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String will be present in the next build.

Mass close.