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Endurance, Performance and its transition of a players mobility depending on weight
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I would like to request a change in the current System into a more realistic behaviour.
This ticket is depending on a weight system, which I request in this ticket ( ).

In real life it a common procedure to overload the soldiers and it is quite
difficult to handle that in relation to sustaining combat effectiveness.
Since there are a lot of different opinions about this and not many can
give first source information about a realistic stamina system, I hope this ticket will find many people who agree with it.
To the source that lead me to these lines, I read through manuals, studies from army, special forces and my own experiences, but still there is some space that needs to be guessed.
So reporters, if you disagree with a certain value relatively much, quote it and explain please, in several sentences.


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parameters, examples and transitions depending on the soldiers load:

In the table document that I uploaded within you can see a mathematic function
that allows anyone on every parameter imaginable to calcualte time, speed,
weight being carried and distance to travel.
The parameters are based on own experience and several informations that I found in Field manuals of Rangers and other studies that focus on performance depending on the combat load.

Roughly the document is seperated into three categories.
Based on the natural distinction between the types of endurance he human body has.
There is first the short term endurance, up to 2 minutes maximum performance.
Second there is medium term endurance, from 2 to 10 minutes maximum performance.
Thrird there is long term endurance of first grade from 10 to 35 minutes maximum to sustained performance.
Some parts even contain the long term endurace data of the second grade which
describes performance on long marches with the aim to sustain themselves and stay comparatevely combat effective during that, walking.


I suggest to take over the data, more precisely the function to have a fluent transition in between the values.

That would mean, when you press the sprinting key,depending on the weight, but for a maximum of 120 seconds you are as fast as you can be ( red ), afterwards it will transition into the medium endurance category and continue dropping speed continuously until you get into the long term category first grade and eventually into the last category, long term 2nd grade.

when you press the jogging key, tactical jog ( the faster one ), you will be guided by the medium term data ( blue ).

when you press the jogging key, casual jog ( the slower one ), you will be on a certain speed ( 9km/ h), which allows you to travel together in a group with different loads on everyone, BUT the medium endurance data needs to be achieved.
So too much load doesnt let you go into the casual jogging pace.

when you press the walking key, casual walking ( relaxed walking ),
you will be in a slow traveling speed ( 5km /h ) to maintain formation
with your group even when you have different weights among the members.


Basicly I suggest two fixed traveling speeds at 9 and 5 km/h and higher performances like fast jogging and fast walking, aswell as sprinting to be depending on weight and therefore changing the speed accordingly.

Additional Information

currently observed: speed transitions are too quickly and dont depend on the players load, same as the speed and endurance seems always to be the same, no matter what load the player carries.

expected: speed transitions and speed depending on the soldiers load, aswell as edge parameters that have a linear growth ( or anti growth ) to the next parameter.

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wasn't that an announced feature ?

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I do recall it being mentioned that carried load would affect fatigue, but it would be great it also reduce speed

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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showing some activity

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this suggestion is going to be replaced by a more detailed and helpful one.

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document uploaded.

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Was added with stamina overhaul.

Stamina system added to the game.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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