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Add another kind of magazines that have no tracers in them for stealth purposes
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Actually I appreciate the fact that all magazines have tracers at the end of them, from what I've heard and from my own experience it is really useful to do this in real life so that you get notificated in case you have to reload. However it is definitely a problem in case of covert operations due to the simple fact that the enemies can see your own tracers as well, a silencer is nearly useless if the enemy can see your bullets.
My suggestions in this case:
Either add another kind of mags that have no tracers in them.(the uncomplicated way)
Add another kind of magazines without tracers and rename the current mixed mags to something like "tracers mixed".(the kind of uncomplicated way)


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Use any weapon and attach a silencer.
Shoot the last 5 rounds of the mag.
Get detected by the enemy because they can see you.

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Tracers working in the IR- instead of visible-light spectrum are available on the market, and they work great. You only see them if wearing NOD (which means a NOD-equipped opponent will be able to see them too). Don't know if this is possible or not to do in Arma3, but it's also an option.

please add a NO-tracers mags

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If add the ablity to manually arrange your own magazines,even before operation.It would solve all problem.
e.g. I could arrange my own mag by 4 standard-1Tracer then the last 3 are all tracers.or 3standard-1ArmorPiercer,or even half standard-half tracer.......any kinds of arrangement you could think about……

No tracers mags now present in the game.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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