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Players in vehicles/aircraft take too much damage when they hit something
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Noticed many times that after flying for a while without taking damage will drain pilots health for no reason.


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As mentioned in the notes, it seems to happen due to the damage model. Landing often and slightly harder than usual drains your health. Even if there is only light damage to the inst, you pilot has drained health.

Landing and damaging inst, should not drain your health. You either die or you live. Unless you had a crash landing and managed to land but quite hard, than it is reasonable to have damage to pilot and crew.

Happens in any chopper after a few landings. 5-10 landings.

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Also happens in cars when you hit walls/obstacles

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Reproduced here, had yesterday a long flight marathon in MP and noticed that the character really gets more and more damaged with time when piloting. I'm almost sure that it's caused by the small impacts during landings. The chopper doesn't get damaged (except instruments, HUD starts flashing way too easily), but your character does – a bit. When you land multiple times, the damage increases and becomes noticeable.

I landed very, very carefully every time (no landings with speed or fast descend) and the character got still damaged with time (after about 20-30 mins / 8-10 careful landings). I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to avoid in practice at this moment. The moaning and PP effects become irritating after a while, because you just can't avoid being wounded all the time.

I'd suggest modifying the collision damage factors of characters that are in chopper, because they are currently way too sensitive to it.

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I am having the same problem...During a normal flight without taking a single shot, the pilot are getting hurt without reason.

I also agree with Ezcoo. Something seems to be off with collision model and how much damage pilot and occupants take. A slightly rough landing will almost kill everyone in the chopper.

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Please add steps to reproduce.

How long do i have to fly? With which helicopter?

Thank you.

I suspect it's all due to the excessive damage dealt during landings.
Currently landing with a 3D velocity under 20km/h can cause significant damage the player. While I can believe such a landing would hurt, it should not injure the player much. Here's a video of car crash testing at a similar speed:

A quick and dirty way to monitor damage when landing in a helicopter:

  1. In mission editor, place player as pilot of flying chopper.
  2. Add this to its init:

foo = [] spawn compile "while {true} do {sleep 0.01; systemChat format ['Player: %1 Vehicle: %2 Velocity: %3', damage player, damage vehicle player, (3.6 * sqrt ((((velocity vehicle player) select 0) ^ 2) + (((velocity vehicle player) select 1) ^ 2) + (((velocity vehicle player) select 2) ^ 2)))]}"; player addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {setAccTime 0; [] spawn compile "sleep 0.01; vehicle player setDamage 0; player setDamage 0"}];

  1. Preview mission. Land the helicopter in a rough manner.
  2. If the landing damages the player, the game pauses. Note the last couple of damage and vehicle velocities (in km/h) reported in the systemChat channel. Press + or - to change time acceleration to continue game (damage to player and helicopter is removed).

I am slightly confused. If I understand correctly, light damage to a vehicle causes major damage to the player?
I am sorry I could not follow what you meant.

Yes, in some circumstances a rough landing can cause up to thirty times as much damage to the pilot as the helicopter. This worst case mostly occurs when the helicopter lands on only one landing gear, then pivots around that point until the other point(s) contacts the ground (sudden change in angular velocity).

However I feel the problem is currently that the threshold for causing damage to the crew is too low.

This issue is related to #7417, as a landing which damages the helicopter and passengers may not provide any audio or visual indication that it has done so.

Wow, that makes sense when landing on a slope with no problem and suddenly you die. Thanks.

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Ditto here.

Happens after an initial injury, and whether healed by self first aid kit or a medic, the pilot continues having significant declining health.

I guess they're trying to simulate Navy or Marine pilots. :-/

Concerning balance of play, I don't think the passengers should be extremely punished by the kiddy pilots.

However, it's the only way a pilot will learn that they cannot fly like Evel Knievel, without doing some damage.

I learned that aswell just now. Seems like if you get shot as a pilot but manage to get away and heal your self, it doesn't seems to work that well. Because even landing gently afterwards damages your health. This happens even when the chopper is in always perfect condition.

Also, noticed that the usual wear and tear on the chopper also drains your health.

EDIT: I was wrong. It heals but med kits dont heal 100% However landing should not drain your health. It's not like each time you land you brake a bone and eventually are unable to operate and die. You should either die or get very injured if crash landed or just slammed into the ground. Otherwise there should be no damage done.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Also thank you for the great repro steps, ceeeb.

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No problem. Thank you and you guys are doing an amazing job. Best Dev I have ever seen.

There were some tweaks made. Could you please check it and let me know how satisfying is current situation? Thanks

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.