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No more text on button to UNDO/CANCEL the keybinds into the options menu
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Since the new update, if I go:


and I would change one key, under the "textarea" with all the possible key that I would use I see:

[DEFAULT] [ ] [ ]

(where [ ] mean just the 'gray/black' button but without the text)


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Made a similar ticket just after you, didn't notice this at all for some reason (maybe you were writing the ticket when I began to make my own :P)

Also made a ticket after the search box turned up zero results! Search function is broken I guess, so we aren't to blame LOL.

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Can drag to delete.

Hahaha yes, I've seen...

Well, I see that your info (gamesturbator) is already under control..., so this one can be ignored (I've mists something or I can't close my feedbacks to help to keep a clear feedback tracker page?) and make reference at:

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Duplicate of #7308

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Closing in favor of reviewed ticket #7308.