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the ambient sounds of a engagement sounds too wrong
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when you hear a combat a fair distance away, the sounds are just like what they would sound like next to you.

for example SAVING PRIVATE RYAN listen to the ambient gunfire and explosion sounds.

then listen to arma 3 version

this would bring back that war atmosphere


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  1. watch a clip from saving private ryan or any other war film..
  2. place 1 friendly group and 1 enemy group a fair distance away from yourselves and make them engage eachother.
  3. listen and compare.

hopefully this makes sense

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this would bring the whole WAR feeling to the game.

at the moment you can almost tell what side is firing etc..

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does anyone else think this?

I am guessing that there is already one or more bug reports for such an issue.

Yes I do think the same :-)

It's the simple fact that high frequencies do not travel as far as low frequencies. That's why distant gun fire has a mid frequency 'POP' and distant explosions have a deep rumble due to the high frequency not being as audible to the human ear at range.
So the farther away the sound source, the less top end frequency you will hear.

Maybe they could apply a simple parametric low pass filter which progressively cuts & boosts frequencies depending on distance and direction from the sound source and obstacles in the way?

Lowering and raising the volume of sound sources isn't good enough to make it sound far away.

ARMA 2 did a descent job of this (although the modders did better :-)

oooo that would be awesome a low pass filter might be what we need, this will hopefully adjust the helicopter sounds and the big rumbles of an artillery attack :D this has potential

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In Arma 2 the sounds lost the high frequencies the more, the more far the sound traveled, so I'm pretty sure that Arma 3 will have it too. I just hope that they increase the native maximum range of sounds, eg. large explosions should be heard miles away like in JSRS.

im downloading JSRS as soon as its released for arma 3, that is the best sound mod ever!!

orrrr BIS could you listen to a youtube video of JSRS or even ACE 2 and that is what we are aiming for :)

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Just wondering if anything is being done about the distance effect on sound yet?
I am unable to play ARMA 3 without using sound mods.

Here are a couple of examples of good distance sound...

Speed Of Sound mod by Bigpickle...

JSRS is nearly completed also :) ETA 15th december but no promises obviously

update, it seems JSRS has fixed the issue entirely...

mandatory mod these days... it tell ya

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Im running JSRS but i cant hear its different in the distance. Same effect but lower volume.

In the previous ARMA titles there was a muffling effect at least when things were behind objects. Some filter to dampen and muffle the sounds in the distance would be great indeed.

I've tried the latest JSRS 2.0 and the distance effect is quite good.
But there is no occlusion from solid structures and landscape.

Also you can still hear wind and insects when inside buildings.
The insects even fly through buildings so they are visibly full of butterflies, crickets & all the other flying objects.