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[0.55.103923] Game crash upon picking up a weapon into an empty gear slot
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0.55.103923 Dev branch - no problems with 0.52.103507 stable

If i replace a weapon i already carry with another from ammobox, everything works as intended. (example: replacing my current rifle with another rifle from the box)

But if i try to pick up a weapon into an empty gear slot(example; first dropping my rifle into box and then trying to pick it up again), game crashes/freezes.

I am uploading crashdumps, dxdiag and a simple repro mission to Sendspace due to size.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • Load up the included mission
  • Go to the ammobox in front and open it
  • Drop either the NLAW or the MX rifle into the box
  • Try to pick it up again (or any other weapon into the now empty slot)
Additional Information

I first thought it was just the NLAW causing it, hence the file names in the attachments.

But after investigating it further, i noticed this happens (at least to me) with every weapon(rifle/AT/pistol) in the box, as long as i am taking the weapon into an empty gear slot.

If i just replace my weapon with another from ammobox (with right clicking it), no crash happens.

I did not try if dragging the weapon instead of right clicking makes any difference.

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Same here.

I tried dragging to an empty slot but that also resulted in a crash.

Just replicated with the BLUFOR Rifleman (Light) and suppressed MXC.

Sorry if original post was a little misleading, i have tested by using the drag method from either Ammo Crate or Ground to an empty slot and found the following:-

I can remove and replace helmet, sunglasses, NV, clothing, harness or belt and carry alls but I cannot remove and replace Binoculars.
I can add silencers, sights, ammo to existing slots where weapons have been spawned with soldier, pistol and main weapons
I cannot replace weapons to empty slots, RPG to empty slots or Pistols to empty slots.
Also noted when other players have crashed with htis bug and i have been in server whilst it happens you get this message :
Player xxxxxx Kicked off Steam ticket check failed : (null)
hope this helps

Toxim added a comment.Apr 11 2013, 7:31 AM

You guys could also include your dxdiag file and crashdumps here like i did, those will help the devs a lot in tracking the problem and fixing it. If you have not done this before, top right corner of this page has a link to a guide for how to do it. (and just in case: ).

For the dxdiag report file: Just type in the Start menu searchbox: "dxdiag" and hit enter, then from the tool "Save all information" -button

seems to be an issue with the new animations it plays when it 'grabs' the weapon

steps to reproduce

  • run devbuild
  • drop some rifles in a crate or car
  • drop main gun
  • get a rifle from the car
  • game locks up and crashes after alt-tab

I already fixed this bug yesterday and my fix have been merged into both versions (Stable and Dev). So solution will be distributed within the latest A3 update

Mass close.