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Moving to 64bit only
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I would love to see that this game could move on in to the future leaving 32bit systems behind and thus moving to a 64bit only build game.

The total playability would improve plus there is more time for the development.

Maybe a poll would give a good insight.


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upvoted! :)

people with 32 bit system will always have issues running this game.

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Closing as this is beyond the scope of this tracker and no longer possible for Arma3.

If Arma3 was going to go 64bit only, they would have had to do this before the minimum specs were announced and the pre-orders were started. It's far too late for that now.

Games change architecture all the time. Most of them stop patching the 32bit version and continue patching the 64bit version only. Kerbal did it, Space Engineers just to name a couple. I would settle for more intensive utilization of GPU and CPU, my PC doesnt get over 30% utilization when playing Arma 3.

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People have problems with Arma3 performance.
This stated, it does not depend on the system requirements. Arma3 not able to take from 40-50% higher system capacity. Arma3 able to provide a comfortable 30-40 minutes of the game (average) - though not stated?.
The upcoming Apex project makes me personally doubt. I do not see prospects for the project Apex 32bit platform. Why Arma3Apex me - to continue to support low productivity, at an additional cost.
The problem - to change the stated system requirements?
Allow the user to select the installation Arma3 - 32 vs 64 bit.
There is no desire to continue to fund 32bit problem getting undeclared 30FPS (with falling 0-4FPS).
Guess Apex 32 bit will give a low FPS and less lifetime arma3.exe process.
Closed ticket - your answer to the general problem of surprised.

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