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Direct chat VOIP is positioned wrong.
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I've noticed when players talk in direct chat/communications, it sounds as if they are somewhere else *sometimes it sounds like they are above you, or to your left*.
I can look at someone directly in front of me, but when they talk, it sounds like it is coming from behind me or to my left.


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Windows 7
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Go into multiplayer and listen to people talk in direct communications.

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Severity should be raised. Functional 3D voip is quite important in public gameplay + immersion. And fixing this would decrease the "add acre to A3" topics, I imagine.

And the topic for this issue could just be "Direct Communication (3d voip) is not directional". The direction isn't "wrong", but rather there is no direction atm. You just hear voices in your head without any directional info.

Bring back the 3D voip, pls.

This is an important feature of ACRE that can be easily improved a bit making in-game VOIP much nicer to use.

Also, the volume drop-off with distance is completely messed up, as you can be heard pretty well over 40m or so when talking quietly on your squad's radio.

Should be a priority.As a medic in PVP,locating from where the wounded from other squads are speaking from is often important,as he might have hidden in bushes.

Still an issue?

I think it's fine now.

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Still an issue, why doesn't arma just implement TFAR? It even won the addon contest.

Doesn't give them the right to implement it.

I'm sure they would be honored them if Bohemia just forget about their ego and asked.

Arma still needs a proper built in solution. You can't rely on everyone to use teamspeak. Even if Arma 3 had it included, you would still need to separately install teamspeak and the plugin.

@Astaroth, I've just checked it in multiplayer right now and it's not valid anymore. Ticket can be closed.

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