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[Feature Request] Empty Magazines and refilling them
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right now, empty magazines are dropped / completely removed from the inventory.

1: change this is you still keep empty magazines in your inventory.

2: you can refill your magazines when near an ammo box (with sufficient ammo for your magazines)

3: add ability to move bullets from partially used magazines together so you end up with fewer but fuller magazines


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Realo added a subscriber: Realo.May 7 2016, 1:29 PM

its makes no diffent to refill empty mags or remove them from the inventory in both cases you have to go to an ammo crate to rearm,but it would be helpfull to refill half-empty mags

They could add an animation just like the A2 Healing one while you're refilling mags

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nsKb added a comment.Apr 14 2013, 5:07 PM

It does make a difference, since sometimes you have many different types of cartridge, you may want to fill different magazines with different cartridges in different amounts. For example what if I wanted to fill my magazine with AP and the last 5 rounds tracer?

This is somehow related to: Bullet-in-chamber accounting Tactical reload & Speed reload Ability to repack mags Jamming / Malfunctions of small arms

All of these issues revolve around a single feature and improvement: to take account of ammunition and magazines separately.

Currently the ammunition is strictly tied to a magazine and not a separate entity, which has the following effects:

  • a bullet in chamber automatically is removed with magazine change
  • only a single reload method
  • no repacking of partially used magazines
  • no use for empty magazines
  • in weapon and inventory configs, there is a strict magazine type entry, which often prohibits from having interchangeable magazines, for example between two mods with M16/M4 family, because of different mag names

If we had separate ammunition and magazine count, it would improve the game in the following manner:

  • after loading, the bullet in chamber (a separate entity, not a value associateg with a mag) would be "attached" to the gun, rather than a magazine, so it wouldn't be extracted along with magazine change
  • another function for chambered bullet extraction would be more feasible
  • the same for jams and clearing them
  • two methods of reloading, one with empty mag going back to the inventory and another with dropping it to the ground, would be easier to introduce
  • repacking of empty mags could be done manually in the inventory, instead of artificial time counters or automatic systems (by dragging bullets item onto empty magazine item, 1 drag = 1 bullet of that type added; bullets item would be either carried separately or "dragged out" of another mag)
  • repacking could include manually selecting magazine loadout with mixed ammunition (two different bullets items)
  • dropping an empty mag and forgeting to retrieve it, would have certain consequences, as all ammunition sources (ammo boxes, vehicles etc.) would have only ammunition within, not the mags; there is a reason, why it's an "ammo box" and not a "magazine box"
  • it could be possible to dismount automatic rifle belt and use the bullets to refill empty mags (by dragging the bullets out of the belt)
  • it would also support bolt action and pump action weapons better; even if they are obsolete in 2035, there will be mods with different time periods for sure (a single "reload" press would add only one bullet/shell to the internal magazine of the weapon; after each shot an empty bullet would be manually extracted with the same function, as "clear jam/extract from chamber")
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