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Let mission makers exclude certain preplaced objects from map
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There are lots of preplaced objects on Stratis that you simply don't want to have in your mission because you might use same object for your mission and players will confuse pre-placed objects with actual usable script-placed object. As of now there are hundreds of such questionable objects with simplified simulation and no classname that use models of useful objects and you cannot do anything with them, even if you get their handle with nearestObjects, you cannot move them away, they do not react to setPos, attachTo, anything, even when you destroy them they just flip on their side and you can walk through them, nothing but problems.

My feature request is to allow mission maker to exclude certain objects from map completely by specifying their IDs in array in mission.sqm or description.ext.

Something like this:
excludeObjects[]={103532,125324,106320}; {F18686}


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Removing objects or hiding would be great, but giving each and every object ID on the map would be a Crazy task. Not to mention the size of your Description File!

Just think about the amount of DATA that would be needed for the Object IDs alone. TREES + GARBAGE + RUBBLE + FOLIAGE = CRAZY!!!.
We're Talking here TONS of DATA. I Don't Think it's going to be that Simple.

deleteCollection - Command used to be great (allowed to remove obj without IDs) but it was removed a while ago from ARMA Series by BI Devs.

Take a look at a similar Feature Request that I've created .

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I'm not sure but I think there is a main differ between pre and post placed objects in that case that they are converted and precalculated into a more static form with the result to spare performance. It's not easy to handle thousand of meshes with thousand of surfaces.

If you have a database normally you would try to fix all columns of a table to reach a static form and outsorce all which are not able to fix. It's nearly the same.

TBH I don't think, just like Lt Lyko noted, having an array with all the objects which should be deleted (which could be endless) will help mission makers to easily remove those objects.

Since the objects do have an ID and/or name, it should be possible to remove by either scripts or the following solution:

A simple variable which can be added at description.ext, eg. 'excludeObjects' with a value which defines which objects should be removed from the core island.

Possible values:

  • 'all' = remove ALL objects from the island
  • 'nature' = remove all trees, bushes, grass objects
  • 'static' = remove all static objects (eg. buildings)
  • 'ambiance' = remove all ambiance objects (eg. non static containers, litter)

... and probably more

Instead of naming the values using numbers (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc) to flag the group of objects would be a better idea.

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 1:26 PM

After some discussions I came to conclusion that best way to implement this feature would be a special server-side command that will mark pre-placed object as removed and remove it during current session for server, all clients and JIP clients.

Suggested syntax:

removeMapObject <vehicle>;
removeWorldObject <vehicle>;

The command should be capable of removing any kind of world objects - buildings, trees, rocks and maybe even roads. Ideally it would be great if it will work dynamically during the game but being able to remove objects in such manner only during init before the game started is acceptable too.

I would also include something like
removeMapObject <[markerarea1,markerarea2...]>;

So that everthing inside marker areas will be deleted.

Doesn't work with static objects

No need for a command, its already possible.

deleteCollection ([0,0,0] nearestObject 12345);

You can find a map object's ID by pressing the "ID" button in editor.
You can even delete/destroy objects that don't have ID's in editor. (This is being wrote off the top of my head)
if (_x isKindOf "") {

		deleteCollection _x;
		_x setDamage 1;

} count nearestObjects [getPos player,[],500];

deleteCollection doesn't work for simple entities like rocks, trees, walls, some crates and other objects - "static entities with no class".