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Walking animation with lowered rifle completely broken (1st and 3rd person)
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When walking with a lowered rifle, after a few steps the animation goes completely awry - the player appears to glide along with the model flickering between animation states. The footstep sound is still heard. Raising the weapon or changing speed with w-s returns animation to normal.


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Place any unit on Stratis, lower the weapon with double tap on left ctrl, enter walking speed with w-s, and look down at the player's feet while walking. After a few steps you will notice the animation fall apart.

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Before the animation glitches, the footstep noises are actually in sync with the footsteps.

This also may be related to the animation interpolation when raising or lowering a weapon - which causes quite bad "vibration" of the 1st person view.

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Also it forces you into lowered animation after sprint

I'm having this, but my friends aren't are you using a mod? I've seen this bug only after 3 april

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Duplicate [^]

Not really. Your report apparently states that the walking animation and sound are out of sync, this report is saying that the animation itself is not working

Tested it with some friends, they have it too, but the animation is only with their character, they see me walking normally and i see them normal too, but we only see our PC with the akward animation

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I also have the anim glitch when walking with lowered weapon.

Never seen it before, only after updating to DEV version 0.53.103721 (no mods installed).

Duplicate of #0006712

*Actually referencing the same problem*
This one has more votes though.

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Confirmed in latest dev build.

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Made a thread regards this and a ticket, hadn't seen this ticket. The ticket I made is closed and I changed all the links in the thread I made to point towards this ticket, needs fixing ASAP..

This has been fixed and will be available

Mass close.