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[Feature request] Draw your own waypoints on the map! (for Pilot Class). Side use: Coordinated ground attack!
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For the "pilot class", PLEASE add the ability to manually create a flight path on the MAP, aka waypoints (also known as "steerpoints")?

Yes, I am a flight sim fan. But NO, I do NOT expect a complex flight planning system. Basic and SIMPLE. Waypoint 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5, etc.

I'm NOT talking about a path for the AI. I'm talking about a set of visual markers for live players, which the players (lead pilot?) creates on the map with the mouse.

A white line would go from waypoint 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, as you place them on the map.

B) The markers would allow an aircraft HUD to display BASIC data. For example: Waypoint 4 xx miles. Waypoint 5 xx miles.

C) Maybe add pilot tags when creating a waypoint path on the game map: (Take-off, Turn, Loiter, Target, CAS, Land) ? ? ? (Not necessary, but flight sim fans would love this option).

D) Option to cycle forward/backward in the waypoint list. If the pilot wants to go home early, just cycle forward to the (land) waypoint, or back to waypoint 1(take-off).

E) SHOW/HIDE flight path button on the MAP - could easily hide the flight path.


Side NOTE. The ability for players to manually create a waypoint system on the map could also be used by multiplayer teams on the ground for a coordinated attack. Maybe an:

Alpha Plan
Bravo Plan
Charlie Plan
Delta Plan

*Only certain people (pilot class, or team leaders) can draw a "map path". Otherwise some jokers would use the waypoint drawing system to draw dirty pictures on the map.

  • In the map view, the plans could be toggled on/off with a show/hide "paths" button. Important to "de-clutter" the map.
  • Each plan is limited to a maximum # of waypoints? 5? 10? Or whatever the programmers feel is reasonable!


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IMPORTANT: This "draw your own waypoints on the map" system is for live players.

I'm NOT talking about manipulating the AI behavior with it. Only the ability to make plans on the map, for pilots. And simple, basic, common HUD data for combat aircraft.

Also, perhaps squads on the ground could use it to plan coordinated attacks. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta.

The draw waypoint path system should be limited to only certain people who are authorized to draw on the map, or lots of dirty pictures will be drawn.

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I'd like this since i'm in the "flying stuff" (let's say :P ) but may be a bit of a problem to code for devs (not really when it comes to the map drawing part but more for the keys to cycle back and forth in the waypoints).

Just a little (personal)note: a steerpoint is one thing, a waypoint is another thing :P
Waypoints are all the "points" of the plan, the Steerpoint is your ACTIVE waypoint (basically the one that you're heading to)

EDIT: Forgot, /upvoted !

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You can set a waypoint for yourself on the map with shift + L-click (bit of a cheat as you can see it in-game)

Double click markers on the map are for info / team co-ordination. No more is necessary otherwise the map would become a mess.

Realy...Realy...Realy good to see this in game!

You can set a waypoint for yourself on the map with shift + L-click

Thanks for the info EDcase. But I know about that. I'm hoping for more than just 1 waypoint. I want to use the map like a Dry Erase Board, and set a series of waypoints for a pilot to follow. Which is why I was focusing on this feature with the pilot class.

However, in a secondary roll, it could help teams coordidate their attack on towns by planning attack routes. Only 1 waypoint would be visible at a time, and pilots (or team leaders) could switch from Waypoint 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5, etc.

Again, it would JUST be visible waypoints for live players. Not path waypoints for the AI.

Some people down voted this? Wow. I didn't think the option to visually draw a route on the map would warrent too many down votes, but ok.

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You can set a waypoint for yourself on the map with shift + L-click

The purpose of this topic would create the possibility of making a flight plan and not just a reference direction, until that, when you put the veteran difficulty, these markings distances and points disappear when you are not looking at this map.

If we could do a flight plan map, the same could be imported into the GPS and so the pilot could orient themselves. Just like in a real TAD.

ACE Draw tools. I had no idea. Thanks for the info Kol9yN!!! Much appreciated. But after watching the video, it still looks very complex compared with the ability to just click the map to insert Waypoint 1, click again to insert Waypoint 2, and again for Waypoint 3, etc.

I'm just looking for a simple, click, click, click to add waypoints for pilots! And hopefully the waypoints info could be transmitted into the pilot HUD. WP3=5 miles. WP4=3 miles. You get the idea.

A flight route is a tool for pilots. But I'm trying to compromise by requesting GAMER simplicity. Click to insert WP1, click to insert WP2, click to insert WP3. In a few seconds,you would have a flight plan done.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.